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Susan Meissner was born on January 9, 1961, in San Diego, California, and was the second of three daughters born to Bill and Judy Horning. she spent her childhood in just two houses; the first in San Diego itself, and the second in a suburb of San Diego called Poway.

Genres: Inspirational, Historical
Susan Meissner recommends
Lookin' Back, Texas (2008)
Leanna Ellis
"In a smooth pairing of wit and grit, Leanna Ellis weaves a tale of flawed relationships and crippling regrets with wonderfully timed comedic threads. A fresh, clever look at the audacity of love that forgives."
Chasing Lilacs (2010)
Carla Stewart
"A remarkable debut novel."
Be Still My Soul (2012)
(Cadence of Grace, book 1)
Joanne Bischof
"If you grew up loving Janette Oke, you'll want to read this tender tale of grace, forgiveness, and redemption."
Letters to the Lost (2015)
Iona Grey
"A wonderful, double-woven story of two women who must bear the unfair weight of past wounds and who yet tenaciously hold onto the resolve to never give up on love. Iona Grey's engaging prose is resonant and lyrical; a delicious and moving read from page one to the last."
The Real Thing (2016)
Tina Ann Forkner
"An insightful, engaging storyteller."
My Last Lament (2017)
James William Brown
"James William Brown’s brilliance and artistry as a storyteller woos, fascinates and utterly devastates in My Last Lament. If you loved All the Light We Cannot See, you will devour this novel; a heart-rending World War II story you’ve never heard and won’t soon forget."
The Way to London (2017)
Alix Rickloff
"A wonderful blend of smart writing, memorable characters, and World War II imagery all centered on the hunger each one of us has to give love and receive it. A great read for not only devotees of period fiction, but anyone who craves a well-told story."
The Masterpiece (2018)
Fiona Davis
"A wonderfully woven story of two women separated by time but linked by their love of beauty expressed in art and their determination to save what they simply can’t live without. Expertly researched and detailed, here is a book for devotees of historical fiction, the art world, and all things Manhattan."
The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter (2018)
Hazel Gaynor
"Hazel Gaynor’s skillful artistry as a storyteller glitters like the sun."
The Kennedy Debutante (2018)
Kerri Maher
"Kerri Maher has crafted a compelling, insightful look into the complexities of the Kennedy era and one of its most fascinating daughters. Expertly researched, this is a remarkable debut."
The Huntress (2019)
Kate Quinn
"Prepare to be spellbound! The Huntress masterfully draws you in and doesn’t let you go. Another brilliant work of historical fiction by the incomparable Kate Quinn."
Woman 99 (2019)
Greer Macallister
"Greer Macallister's characters never fail to leap off the page into your very soul; you can't help loving them, rooting for them, agonizing with them over the choices they must make. Woman Ninety Nine is richly and expertly woven with chilling historical details – you won't soon forget what it was like to be behind the locked doors of Goldengrove Asylum on a mission to save someone you love."
Lady Clementine (2020)
Marie Benedict
"Benedict is a true master at weaving the threads of the past into a compelling story for today. Here is the fictionalized account of the person who was the unequivocal wind beneath Winston Churchill's wings ? a woman whose impact on the world-shaper that was WW2 has been begging to be told. A remarkable story of remarkable woman."
The Vineyards of Champagne (2020)
Juliet Blackwell
"A beautifully captivating story of wartime tenacity and tenderness that celebrates the sweetest bonds of human relationships and the courage to love again after loss. So exquisitely rich in detail, you’ll feel bubbles on your tongue."
The Light After the War (2020)
Anita Abriel
"A finely-woven story of post-war romance, second chances, and resolve that refuses to give in or give up. The setting details are evocative and inviting. Well done!"
The Last Bathing Beauty (2020)
Amy Sue Nathan
"A thoroughly enjoyable, past-and-present tale of a life-changing summer and its echoes decades later. This story has it all—great characters, sensory-rich settings, and a sweet salute to believing in second chances. The finale will have you cheering."
The Prisoner's Wife (2020)
Maggie Brookes
"You will be spellbound by this stellar debut."
The Last Train to Key West (2020)
Chanel Cleeton
"Chanel Cleeton simply never disappoints! Cleverly constructed and expertly delivered, The Last Train to Key West is a feast for readers across multiple genres. This book has it all - great characters, a compelling historical backdrop, quests for love and purpose and refuge, and a fully satisfying conclusion that will have you cheering."
The Royal Governess (2020)
Wendy Holden
"Wendy Holden absolutely delivers in this perfect blend of story and history. The Royal Governess is a fabulous read for not only devotees of period fiction and the British Royals, but anyone with a hunger for a well-crafted tale. Lovers of The Crown will adore this!"
Millicent Glenn's Last Wish (2020)
Tori Whitaker
"Tori Whitaker explores the depths of mother-love with insight, care, and heart-wrenching honesty in this post–World War II story brimming with exceptional historical detail. A moving and emotionally charged debut by a writer to watch."
The Last Days of Ellis Island (2020)
Gaëlle Josse
"Intimate, alluring and at times haunting, The Last Days of Ellis Island imagines the closing hours of Ellis Island’s existence as a gateway for the hopeful through the eyes of its last caretaker. Josse examines with care how life, no matter where you spend it, is a weave of wonderful moments and sad ones; moments we are insanely grateful for and moments we wish with everything within that we could take back. Eloquently and skillfully rendered."

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