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Stephen Mack Jones is a published poet, award-winning playwright, and recipient of the prestigious Kresge Arts in Detroit Literary Fellowship. He survived a number of years in advertising and marketing communications. Mr. Jones was born in Lansing, Michigan, and currently lives in Farmington Hills, outside of Detroit. August Snow is his first novel.

Genres: Mystery
   The Clush (2014)
Shamus Awards Best First Novel nominee (2018) : August Snow

Stephen Mack Jones recommends
Three-Fifths (2019)
John Vercher
"John Vercher has achieved what few others have: he has swung open a door that others either knew was there and feared what was behind it, or acknowledged what was there and falsely nullified its deceptions and dangers. This is a crime story that masterfully, beautifully, ingeniously reveals the duplicity of racial psychology and the far-reaching violence it spawns on the American landscape."
The Missing American (2020)
(Emma Djan, book 1)
Kwei Quartey
"The Missing American is diabolically plotted and elegantly written. An atmospheric, heart-pounding mystery that just may be Quartey's best--and that's saying a lot."
The Dead Line (2020)
(Casey Benedict, book 2)
Holly Watt
"Holly Watt is a master storyteller and The Dead Line provides exceptional and indisputable proof of this. A dynamic, globetrotting thriller with a strong, compassionate heart and indominable spirit."
And Now She's Gone (2020)
Rachel Howzell Hall
"Hall once again proves to be an accomplished maestro who has composed a symphony of increasing tension and near unbearable suspense. Rachel brilliantly reveals the bone and soul of our shared humanity and the struggle to contain the nightmares of human faults and failings. I am a fan, pure and simple."
The Killing Hills (2021)
Chris Offutt
"Chris Offutt’s The Killing Hills is a tense, thoroughly engaging read exposing a Kentucky hill country peppered with deceptive decency, deflecting manners and deadly trip wires all just waiting to snag the Army CID boots of Offutt’s formidable hero, Mick Hardin. A relentless story crafted with elegance, empathy and propulsive suspense."
The Apollo Murders (2021)
Chris Hadfield
"Relentlessly exciting."

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