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Tracy Clark is a native Chicagoan who writes mysteries set in her hometown while working as an editor in the newspaper industry. She is a graduate of Mundelein College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, and the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she earned her MA.Since reading her first Nancy Drew mystery, Tracy has dreamed of crafting mysteries of her own, mysteries that feature strong, intelligent, independent female characters, and those who share their world. Cass Raines, ex-cop turned intrepid PI, is such a character.

In addition to her Cass Raines novels, Tracy’s short story “For Services Rendered,” appears in the anthology “Shades of Black: Crime and Mystery Stories by African-American Authors.”She is currently writing her next Cass Raines mystery and binge-watching “Game of Thrones”.

Genres: Mystery
Shamus Awards Best First Novel nominee (2019) : Broken Places

Tracy Clark recommends
Vanishing in the Haight (2019)
(Colleen Hayes Mystery, book 1)
Max Tomlinson
"I've just three words to say about Vanishing in the Haight by Max Tomlinson--Wow. Just. Wow. Tomlinson's taut, spare, evocative writing style is an absolute beauty. You couldn't ask for a better guide through the dark, shadowy flashback haze of '70s San Francisco."
Derailed (2020)
(Kelly Pruett Mystery, book 1)
Mary Keliikoa
"Mary Keliikoa's DERAILED is a humdinger of a good read. Sharp, detailed writing, a riveting plot and well-drawn characters make it practically unputdownable. And how exciting to have another tough, smart, female PI to follow. I can't wait for PI Kelly Pruett's next case!"
The Fire Thief (2020)
(Dark Paradise Mystery, book 1)
Debra Bokur
"An exciting blend of Hawaiian folklore and mystery. From page one to a stirring finish, Debra Bokur delivers a real page turner here. And Kali Mahoe, wonderfully rich, complicated and compelling, is the real deal. I can't wait for her next adventure."
Scavenger (2020)
(Dickie Cornish, book 1)
Christopher Chambers
"Chambers comes out of the box swinging hard in this fast-moving, down-and-dirty crime novel that kicks up the tarp on the sleazy, duplicitous, double-dealing underbelly of our nation’s capital. Into this shadowy knot of deceit walks unconventional detective, Dickie Cornish, a homeless, down on his luck survivor for whom the stakes couldn’t be higher, or the risks greater. Two thumbs up for Chambers!"
By Way of Sorrow (2021)
(Erin McCabe, book 1)
Robyn Gigl
"Robyn Gigl's By Way of Sorrow is a taut, engaging, page-turner with a lot of heart. Lawyer Erin McCabe and her law partner Duane Swisher are on the case of a transgender teen accused of murdering the scion of a ruthless politician bent on burying the case, and the accused, at all costs. A good read. McCabe's a protagonist with a lot of depth. Two thumbs up for Gigl."
All Her Little Secrets (2021)
Wanda M Morris
"In All Her Little Secrets, the trap tightens deftly around Ellice Littlejohn, boxing her in, cutting off all means of escape, and you’ll want to be there for every well-written, tension-filled minute of it. Buckle up. It’s a wild ride... I cannot wait for her follow-up. Brava!"
Huron Breeze (2021)
(Sunrise-Side Mystery, book 1)
Landon Beach
"A blocked writer in search of her next novel idea teams up with a PI to solve a twisty case in hopes it'll get the words flowing and the book done. C'mon, what's better than that? That's the premise of Landon Beach's Huron Breeze ... and he nailed it. What a fun read. What sharp insights into the floppy muddle of a writer's mind. Loved it!"
Dance Among the Flames (2022)
Tori Eldridge
"DANCE AMONG THE FLAMES is an evocative, erotic, mystical deep-dive into the roiling cauldron that is race, culture and family. It transports readers to another time and pulls them back again to this one, satisfied, wiser. What a tour de force. What fun! Tori Eldridge brings the fire!"
We Lie Here (2022)
Rachel Howzell Hall
"In We Lie Here, Rachel Howzell Hall gives us a tight, lean, eye-level look at the Gibson family - flawed, normal, abnormal, and each affected by a deadly secret left buried for years - while weaving a page-turning tapestry of dread, cold-blooded murder, and nail-biting tension. What a ride. What a wonderful writer. More, please."

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