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Nick Petrie received his MFA in fiction from the University of Washington, won a Hopwood Award for short fiction while an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, and his story At the Laundromat won the 2006 Short Story Contest in The Seattle Review, a national literary journal.  A husband and father, he has worked as a carpenter, remodeling contractor, and building inspector.  He lives in Milwaukee.

Genres: Mystery
Peter Ash
   1. The Drifter (2016)
   2. Burning Bright (2017)
   3. Light It Up (2018)
   4. Tear It Down (2019)
   5. The Wild One (2020)
   6. The Breaker (2021)
   7. The Runaway (2022)
   8. The Heavy Lift (2023)
Anthony Awards Best First Novel nominee (2017) : The Drifter
Anthony Awards Best First Book nominee (2017) : The Drifter
Barry Awards Best First Novel winner (2017) : The Drifter
Edgar Awards Best First Novel nominee (2017) : The Drifter
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2019) : Light It Up

Nick Petrie recommends
High White Sun (2018)
(Sheriff Chris Cherry, book 2)
J Todd Scott
"This hot blast of desert wind is by turns ruthless and heartfelt, lyrical and violent, and, like all great stories, feels utterly true. J. Todd Scott knows borderland Texas like nobody else, and it shows."
Fogland Point (2018)
Doug Burgess
"Fogland Point is a unique, surprising, moving, occasionally hilarious, and entirely marvelous book about the complicated mysteries that lie at the heart of all families - although the Hazard family is definitely more complicated and mysterious and interesting than most."
Last Looks (2018)
(Charlie Waldo, book 1)
Howard Michael Gould
"Last Looks is a fun, fast, and quirky take on the essential depravity of modern society in general, and Hollywood in particular. Howard Michael Gould is both thoughtful and hilarious, and I can't wait to see what he does next."
Deception Cove (2019)
(Winslow and Burke, book 1)
Owen Laukkanen
"Owen Laukkanen sure as hell knows how to tell a story."
The Chill (2020)
Scott Carson
"With THE CHILL, Scott Carson has written a spooky, thrilling, and genuinely moving tale of righteous obsession from beyond the grave, with a setting and characters that leap off the page. If you like Stephen King or Joe Hill, you must read Scott Carson."
Without Sanction (2020)
(Matt Drake , book 1)
Don Bentley
"Without Sanction is a relentless, crackling debut about the fight against terrorism, its unacknowledged costs, and the price paid by its operatives. Don Bentley has lived this life, and he writes with deep authenticity, a serious swagger, wry wit, and a lyrical heart. This is one hell of a book."
The Gatekeeper (2022)
(Dez Limerick, book 1)
James Byrne
"James Byrne's The Gatekeeper is a fast blast of pure fun. Dez Limerick is smart, funny, and endlessly capable, and Byrne's writing is filled with unexpected twists. Do not miss this one!"
The Guilty One (2023)
Bill Schweigart
"The Guilty One is a fast, fun, incredibly thrilling novel, as well as a compelling argument for the necessity of police work and a deep examination of its costs. Or I could keep it short and sweet: Bill Schweigart is REALLY good. Read this book!"
Wolf Trap (2023)
Connor Sullivan
"From the White House Situation Room to the killing fields of Yemen, WOLF TRAP is a fast, complex, and thrilling novel that shows without a doubt - if you didn't know this already - that Connor Sullivan is one of our must-read writers."
The Instructor (2023)
(Derek Harrington, book 1)
T R Hendricks
"The Instructor is an unexpected pleasure, crackling with intensity, vivid with authenticity and emotion. T.R. Hendricks writes like a knife fight on a moonless night--fast, brutal, and bloody."

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