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With fifteen years of experience in law enforcement, Anna Karolina is perfectly equipped to write crime fiction. Having made the jump from working in the Swedish police’s Robbery Unit to being an author, Anna was keen to write more than mere procedurals. Setting out to portray her antiheroes and their complex relationships with an authenticity matching her knowledge of policing, she quickly became one of Sweden’s most notable crime writers. Her first novel, Savage Congress, the first in a series following notorious policewoman Amanda Paller, was met with high praise from both critics and readers.She continues to craft stories that depict criminals in as much detail as they do investigators, drawing on her own experiences to create a compellingly detailed and accurate, albeit fictional, world of crime and punishment.

Genres: Mystery
Emma Tapper
   1. The Guilty One (2022)
   2. The Missing Man (2022)

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