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Liza Marklund

Sweden (b.1962)

Liza Marklund is a newspaper and television journalist, who lives in Stockholm with her husband and three children.

Genres: Mystery
Annika Bengtzon
1. Studio Sex (2002)
     aka Studio 69 / Exposed
2. Paradise (2000)
     aka Vanished
3. Prime Time (2002)
4. The Bomber (2001)
5. Red Wolf (2003)
6. Last Will (2012)
7. Lifetime (2013)
8. The Long Shadow (2012)
9. Borderline (2014)
10. Without a Trace (2015)
11. The Final Word (2016)
Liza Marklund recommends
The Forgotten Dead (2017)
Tove Alsterdal
"Has all the characteristics of the Scandinavian crime novel - the suspense, the literary quality, the critical view on society - but with a global perspective. The Swedish critics are right: this is an international thriller of the highest standard."

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