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William P Kennedy

USA flag (b.1928)

aka Diana Diamond, Mark Munro

Kennedy is a New York Times best-selling author of nine novels in his own name and seven under the pseudonym, Diana Diamond. His novel, Toy Soldiers, was made into a major motion picture.

Kennedy began writing in High School for the Xavier Magazine, and then studied history and economics at Holy Cross College. After military service as a Naval Officer, he earned advanced degrees from New York University and became a business journalist, covering the computer, telecommunications, and electric power industries. This led to his founding TCI,an advertising agency for high-technology markets. He and his wife, Dorothy McNally, have five adult children and 14 grandchildren. They live on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Genres: Romance
   The Masakado Lesson (1986)
   Toy Soldiers (1988)
   Cherokee Justice (1989)
   The Himmler Equation (1989)
   Rules of Encounter (1992)
   Guard of Honor (1993)
   Dark Tide (1995)
   Siren's Lullaby (1997)
   The Trophy Wife (2000) (as by Diana Diamond)
   The Babysitter (2001) (as by Diana Diamond)
   The Good Sister (2002) (as by Diana Diamond)
   The Daughter-in-law (2003) (as by Diana Diamond)
   East Anglia (2004)
   The First Wife (2004) (as by Diana Diamond)
   The Stepmother (2005) (as by Diana Diamond)
   The Other Woman (2006) (as by Diana Diamond)
   The Last Mission (2013)
   Catnip (2014) (as by Mark Munro)
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