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LEX LANDER is a British born writer of crime thrillers. He was raised in France, attended Auckland University in New Zealand where he obtained a degree in French and Italian, and is now living and working in Montreal. Despite heavy business commitments – he is a partner in a Property Realtor business – he is currently finding time to produce two novels per annum ‘until I achieve success. Failure is not an option’.

His first, ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER JACKAL, was published in 2014 as a ‘trial run’. It has not been promoted but sales are steady and not declining. The format used will be repeated with the two crime thrillers to be published shortly, with serious PR activity expected to produce the surge in sales that will ensure Lex’s deserved future as novelist of repute.


Genres: Mystery
Andre Warner, Manhunter
   1. End as an Assassin (2016)
   2. I Kill (2016)
   3. The Man Who Hunted Himself (2017)
   4. Reaction of the Tiger (2018)
   5. Spanish Rock (2019)
   6. Contract: Impossible (2020)
   Another Day, Another Jackal (2013)
   Rogue Female (2015)
     aka Blood Red and Bardot
   She Kills (2019)
   Some Die Living (2021)

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