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UK flag (1889 - 1969)

Margery Lawrence was an English Fantasy fiction, Horror fiction and detective fiction author who specialized in ghost stories. Her earliest collections, the Round Table sequence, include Nights of the Round Table (1926) and The Terraces of Night (1932).

   The Madonna of the Seven Moons (1931)
   The Bridge of Wonder (1939)
   The Rent in the Veil (1951)
   The Tomorrow of Yesterday (1966)
   Bride of Darkness (1967)
   A Residence Afresh (1969)
   Autumn Rose (1971)
   Skivvy (1975)
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Books containing stories by Margery Lawrence
The Horned God (2022)
Weird Tales of the Great God Pan
(British Library Tales of the Weird, book 32)
edited by
Michael Wheatley
Sunless Solstice (2021)
Strange Christmas Tales for the Longest Nights
(British Library Tales of the Weird, book 27)
edited by
Lucy Evans and Tanya Kirk
Minor Hauntings (2021)
Chilling Tales of Spectral Youth
(British Library Tales of the Weird, book 22)
edited by
Jen Baker

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