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Patrick Lane

Canada (1939 - 2019)

Patrick Lane was born in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, on March 26, 1939. He had no formal education beyond high school in Vernon, B.C. From 1957 to 1968 with his young wife, Mary, he raised three children, Mark, Christopher, and Kathryn, and began working at a variety of jobs, from common labourer, truck driver, Cat skinner, chokerman, boxcar loader, Industrial First-Aid Man in the northern bush, to clerk at a number of sawmills in the Interior of British Columbia. He has been a salesman, office manager, and an Industrial Accountant.

Genres: Mystery
   Separations (poems) (1969)
   Mountain Oysters (poems) (1971)
   Passing Into Storm (poems) (1973)
   Beware the Months of Fire (poems) (1974)
   Unborn Things (poems) (1975)
   Poems, New and Selected (poems) (1979)
   The Measure (poems) (1980)
   No Longer Two People (poems) (1981)
   Old Mother (poems) (1982)
   Woman in the Dust (poems) (1983)
   A Linen Crow, a Caftan Magpie (poems) (1985)
   Winter (poems) (1990)
   How Do You Spell Beautiful? (1992)
   Too Spare, Too Fierce (poems) (1995)
   The Bare Plum of Winter Rain (poems) (2000)
   Breathing Fire 2 (poems) (2004)
   Go Leaving Strange (poems) (2004)
   Syllable of Stone (poems) (2006)
   Last Water Song (poems) (2007)
   Witness (poems) (2010)
   The Collected Poems of Patrick Lane (poems) (2011)
   Washita (poems) (2014)
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The Afterlife of Birds (2015)
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