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Paul G. Tremblay, a two-time nominee of the Bram Stoker Award, has sold over fifty short stories to markets such as Razor Magazine, CHIZINE, Weird Tales, Last Pentacle of the Sun: Writings in Support of the West Memphis Three, and Horror: The Year's Best 2007.

He is the author of the short speculative fiction collection Compositions for the Young and Old and the hard-boiled/dark fantasy novella City Pier: Above and Below. He served as fiction editor of CHIZINE and as co-editor of Fantasy Magazine, and was also the co-editor (with Sean Wallace) of the Fantasy and Bandersnatch anthologies.

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction

Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
   Fantasy (2007) (with Sean Wallace)
   Phantom (2009) (with Sean Wallace)
   Creatures (2011) (with John Langan)
Bram Stoker Best Novel winner (2015) : A Head Full of Ghosts
Bram Stoker Best Novel nominee (2016) : Disappearance at Devil's Rock
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (2016) : A Head Full of Ghosts

Paul Tremblay recommends
By the Time We Leave Here, We'll Be Friends (2010)
J David Osborne
"A David Lynchian nightmare set in a Russian gulag...paranoid, cold, brutal, haunting, mystifying (in a good way), and totally unforgettable."
Mind Prison (2013)
Dave Zeltserman
"The reader is never safe in Dave Zeltserman's hands. I love that. You should too."
Abigale Hall (2016)
Lauren A Forry
"I mean, come on, who doesn't love an atmospheric, creepy-as-hell Gothic novel featuring two tormented sisters? ABIGALE HALL recalls the classics of the genre while smartly pushing and prodding at the genre boundaries as well as the discomfort level of the reader."
The Clairvoyants (2017)
Karen Brown
"Karen Brown's The Clairvoyants is an eerie and affecting dose of Gothic fiction. Martha Mary would've been right at home in a Shirley Jackson novel. Martha sees ghosts, and by the end of the twisting, quietly unnerving story, you will swear you do too."
Ararat (2017)
(Ben Walker, book 1)
Christopher Golden
"Christopher Golden's Ararat is a rollicking and horrifying adventure that avalanches from the top of the famed Turkish mountain. A clever, original, and macabre re-imagining of one the world's oldest stories, Ararat is as relentless as it is addictive."
Mapping the Interior (2017)
Stephen Graham Jones
"Emotionally raw, disturbing, creepy, and brilliant. You will not be unmoved."
The Rebellion's Last Traitor (2017)
(Memory Thief Trilogy, book 1)
Nik Korpon
"A mesmerizing mix of post-apocalyptic SF, war/adventure. criminals dealing in memories, and black-as-hell noir."
Sip (2017)
Brian Allen Carr
"It's a post-apocalyptic wasteland and are you on team Dome, team Shadowless Army, team Doc, or team shadow-sipping junkies? I know which team I'm on. Brian Allen Carr's Sip is funny, literate, crass, dark, violent, lyrical, oddly touching, and totally bat-shit crazy. I loved it."
The Twilight Pariah (2017)
Jeffrey Ford
"Richard Linklater meets Stephen King meets Indiana Jones meets, well, Jeffrey Ford."
Heaven's Crooked Finger (2017)
(Earl Marcus Mystery, book 1)
Hank Early
"A twisty, page turning, modern southern Gothic."
The Infinite Future (2018)
Tim Wirkus
"Roberto Bolano meets Ursula K. Le Guin meets James Hynes meets, um, Kilgore Trout? I'm having a difficult time being clever in the shadow of having read Tim Wirkus's magnificently audacious The Infinite Future. How about this: it's a book about the power and melancholy magic of the stories we tell and of the stories we live."
The Sky Is Yours (2018)
Chandler Klang Smith
"Chandler Klang Smith's The Sky Is Yours is a visionary, funny, infuriating dystopic romp, and it's full of carefully observed character details and revelations that simultaneously broke my heart and made it soar like a dragon."
The Book of M (2018)
Peng Shepherd
"I was both disturbed and inspired by Max’s and Ory’s journey through apocalypses large and small. Peng Shepherd has written a prescient, dark fable for the now and for the soon-to-be. The Book of M is our beautiful nightmare shadow."
Porcelain (2018)
Nate Southard
"A supernatural and pyschosexual romp that will make you squirm in more ways than one."
Providence (2018)
Caroline Kepnes
"Providence is an inventive, dark fairy tale/love story for the twenty-first century, a compulsively readable novel about the complexity of love, relationships, and the monsters we allow ourselves to become. Plus, I have a new favorite character, named Eggs."
Baby Teeth (2018)
Zoje Stage
"Zoje Stage's Baby Teeth is cunning, sharp, and nasty, and wickedly funny until it isn't funny anymore. This intelligent, unrelenting, layered shocker can stand proudly alongside classics like The Other and The Butcher Boy, with their 'evil' children uncannily reflecting our own sins."
Halcyon (2018)
Rio Youers
"Rio Youers deftly mixes family drama, ESP, politics, and the collective insanity of cults into a heady cultural critique that also functions as a page-turning, white-knuckle thriller. Halcyon is a tornado of a novel."
In the Night Wood (2018)
Dale Bailey
"Dale Bailey has written a literary puzzle box that deftly mixes the scary, nasty folktales of the 19th century and Daphne du Maurier’s classic Don’t Look Now. In the Night Wood is an affecting, weighty, and haunting book about the shackles of grief."
Five Midnights (2019)
(Five Midnights, book 1)
Ann Dávila Cardinal
"Ann Dávila Cardinal's inventive Five Midnights is topical, fun, frightening, and flat-out unputdownable. You'll want to follow Lupe and Javier all over Puerto Rico. Do keep an eye out for El Cuco, though. Especially at night, and after you turn off the lights."
The Monster of Elendhaven (2019)
Jennifer Giesbrecht
"Pitch dark, whimsical, topical, wild, and lushly written, Jennifer Giesbrecht's The Monster of Elendhaven is the most reading fun you'll have this year."
Served Cold (2019)
Alan Baxter
"At turns creepy and visceral, Baxter delivers the horror goods."
One Night Gone (2019)
Tara Laskowski
"Featuring a brilliantly executed dual timeline with two unforgettable narrators, Tara Laskowski's One Night Gone is a timely and timeless mystery, one that will keep you obsessively reading well past your bedtime."
The Dead Girls Club (2019)
Damien Angelica Walters
"[A]twisty, feminist, coming-of-age/horror hybrid that feeds off our obsessions and anxieties."
The Boatman's Daughter (2020)
Andy Davidson
"What if I told you there was a gorgeously written novel that mixed Southern Gothic à la Flannery O'Connor, backwoods noir, and the mythic imagination of Clive Barker? Go read Andy Davidson's lush nightmare, The Boatman's Daughter. It put an arrow through my head and heart."
Eden (2020)
Tim Lebbon
"EDEN is a smart, thrilling, relentless, eco-nightmare that will worm its tendrils deep into you. Let your own ghost orchid grow."
The Deep (2020)
Alma Katsu
"The Deep deftly mashes up spellbinding historical fiction, adroit commentary on class and gender, and a classic yet surprising ghost story. Annie’s tale is truly haunting."
The Ancestor (2020)
Danielle Trussoni
"Danielle Trussoni's THE ANCESTOR is a lushly written, dream-like modern gothic with as many dark turns and twists as the Montebianco family tree has branches. Welcome to the family."
The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires (2020)
Grady Hendrix
"The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires is funny and warm and it's genuinely creepy and disturbing. Grady re-creates a time and place without the dangerous, distortive lens of nostalgia."
Clown in a Cornfield (2020)
(Clown in a Cornfield, book 1)
Adam Cesare
"Adam Cesare's CLOWN IN A CORNFIELD starts as a fun and scary retro-slasher but then cleverly twists and bloodies its way into being a very new kind of beast. Rejoice horror fans new and old, and be terrified of Adam's everyday clowns."
The Book of Lamps and Banners (2020)
(Cass Neary, book 4)
Elizabeth Hand
"The ancient manuscript at the center of The Book of Lamps and Banners is as kaleidoscopic, dark, and mysterious as Hand's amateur sleuth. This novel is a jaw-punch, written with a snarling grace. Cass Neary--the aging punk photographer living within darkest edges of our broken civilization-is my hero. And so is Liz Hand."
The Ghost Tree (2020)
Christina Henry
"In the mid-1980s, a terrible curse mixes with the dark hearts of prejudice and misogyny to feed on small suburb of Chicago. This is no nostalgia trip. A true page-turner, The Ghost Tree is sharp, nasty, and unflinching in presenting its supernatural and everyday horrors."
Plain Bad Heroines (2020)
Emily M Danforth
"Emily Danforth's ingenious, jaw-dropping novel is a time-hopping epic about the history of a cursed New England girls' school, doomed lovers, and an equally cursed modern-day retelling via film, plus yellow jackets. Hell, those yellow jackets! The expertly rendered characters are as heartbreaking as they are written with an integrity of vision that saturates every page. Plain Bad Heroines is a queer roar and it's terrifying and it's a goddamned triumph."
The Blade Between (2020)
Sam J Miller
"A successful 'influencer' photographer returns to the gentrifying hometown that nearly broke him, and all hell breaks loose. The Blade Between is as addictive and brutal as it is smart and challenging. Miller unflinchingly confronts the sins of our past and present. The horrors here are rooted in there being no easy answers despite our individual and collective souls being ultimately at stake. Plus whales!"
Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons (2021)
Keith Rosson
"Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons is an unforgettable and often heartbreaking one-two punch of satire of and elegy for a decayed America."
Good Neighbours (2021)
Sarah Langan
"Good Neighbors is a riveting critique of American suburbia. Langan deftly confronts social mores and beliefs as she tears all the ugliness down to make something dangerous and beautiful. The monsters of Maple Street have never been so us."
His Own Devices (2021)
Douglas Wynne
"A heady, entertaining cyber/techno thriller that feels very now. Don't let the game play you."
The Low Desert (2021)
Tod Goldberg
"Tod Goldberg's stories are full of humor, pathos, and sharp knife-twists of plot and insight. Featuring best laid plans that have gone horribly awry, and heartbreakingly authentic characters broken by violence, longing, and hope, The Low Desert packs a heady, emotional wallop. More of this, please."
Such Pretty Things (2021)
Lisa Heathfield
"A masterful modern day Gothic that is dread inducing and melancholic in equal measure, Such Pretty Things is a thoughtful rumination on the wonder and horror of grief, of what it can become. By the end, holy hell, the book is a fist that slowly closes around your heart and squeezes."
Beneath a Pale Sky (2021)
Philip Fracassi
"Philip Fracassi's fiction is a mix of old and new school horrors, chock full of frightening monsters, demons, and humans...I always look forwatd to what he's going to do next."
Build Your House Around My Body (2021)
Violet Kupersmith
"A brilliant, sweeping epic that swaps spirits and sheds time like snakeskin, Build Your House Around My Body is a marvel. Thrilling, witty, disturbing, righteous—I won’t be able to shut up about how damned awesome this book is. Neither will you."
Closing Costs (2021)
Bracken MacLeod
"An unflinching...first-rate mashup of home invasion nightmare and modern day noir."
Revelator (2021)
Daryl Gregory
"Daryl Gregory never fails to conjure a uniquely enthralling reading experience. With Revelator, he expertly mixes Tennessee bootlegging, the fervor of old time religion, and a new, hungry god in the mountain. Humane, heady, and thrilling, you'll believe in Revelator."
Nothing But Blackened Teeth (2021)
Cassandra Khaw
"Imagine chucking House on Haunted Hill, Japanese folklore, Clive Barker, and Kathy Acker into a literary blender. Nothing But Blackened Teeth reads like the ghost-punk noir you never knew you needed. It's sharp, playful, and nasty as hell."
This Thing Between Us (2021)
Gus Moreno
"As original as it is affecting . . . left me genuinely creeped out, unsettled, and shaken. An existentially frightening book."
Where They Wait (2021)
Scott Carson
"A taut, creepy techno-chiller that will leave you hearing ghosts."
All the White Spaces (2022)
Ally Wilkes
"ALL THE WHITE SPACES is a heady and haunting mix of historical fiction, polar survival horror, and a meditation on gender, identity, and the enduring mysteries of the self. You won't soon forget Jonathan Morgan and his trial by ice."
Such a Pretty Smile (2022)
Kristi DeMeester
"Kristi DeMeester's novel is a menacing, mysterious, and righteously angry fever dream, one that hooks into you from page one. SUCH A PRETTY SMILE is unafraid to bare its feminist fangs."
Echo (2022)
Thomas Olde Heuvelt
"A compulsive page turner mixing supernatural survival horror and pulp adventure."
Ocean State (2022)
Stewart O'Nan
"In the opening paragraph Marie (who would be right at home in a Shirley Jackson novel) tells us the awful thing that's going to happen, but of course, she doesn't reveal the whole mesmerizing, devastating story. O'Nan has the integrity to not flinch, not even once, while expertly imbuing his characters with empathy, insight and authenticity. A uniquely 21st Century American tragedy, Ocean State wraps its hand around your heart and squeezes."
Sundial (2022)
Catriona Ward
"Holy moly, Sundial plumbs the psychological depths and traps of toxic relationships, expertly mixing suspense, shocks, and menace. It's a wild, twisted family gothic unlike any you've read before, and one you won't soon forget."

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