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Christina McKenna

Wife of David M Kiely

Christina McKenna, a native of County Derry, Northern Ireland, is a graduate in Fine Arts and English. She loves to travel and write.

Writing books, she says, is a real challenge. It requires much inspiration and self-discipline. It is, however, emotionally and spiritually rewarding in ways she'd never dreamed of before she published her first book, "My Mother Wore a Yellow Dress," in 2004.

This was a memoir of her journey to adulthood, and of the extraordinary people who shared that journey, her dear departed mother in particular. Christina dedicated the book to her.

Her next project took the form of a novel, in her opinion the most difficult type of writing. The genesis of "The Misremembered Man" came to her in a particularly lucid dream -- evidence that, in some cases, dreams do indeed come true!

Contrary to certain press reports, the film rights to "The Misremembered Man" have not been sold.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Mystery