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Catriona McPherson

Scotland (b.1965)

aka Catriona McCloud

Catriona McPherson was born in South Queensferry. After finishing school, she worked in a bank for a short time, before going to university. She studied for an MA in English Language and Linguistics at Edinburgh University, and then gained a job in the local studies department at Edinburgh City Libraries. She left this post after a couple of years, and went back to university to study for a PhD in semantics. During her final year she applied for an academic job, but left to begin a writing career.

These days, McPherson lives with her husband on a farm in the Galloway countryside, where she spends her time writing, gardening, swimming and running.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Mystery
   Growing Up Again (2007) (as by Catriona McCloud)
   Straight Up (2008) (as by Catriona McCloud)
   As She Left It (2013)
   The Day She Died (2014)
   Come to Harm (2015)
   The Child Garden (2015)
   Quiet Neighbors (2016)
   The Weight of Angels (2017)
   House. Tree. Person. (2017)
   Go to my Grave (2018)
   Strangers at the Gate (2019)
Non fiction
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Agatha Award Best Historical Novel winner (2012) : Unsuitable Day for a Murder
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original winner (2014) : As She Left It
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel nominee (2015) : The Child Garden
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original winner (2015) : The Day She Died
Edgar Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2015) : The Day She Died
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2015) : The Day She Died
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel nominee (2016) : Quiet Neighbors
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel winner (2016) : The Reek of Red Herrings
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2016) : The Child Garden
Macavity Awards Best Book nominee (2016) : The Child Garden

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(County Clare Mystery, book 3)
Lisa Alber
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(Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery, book 1)
Jane Willan
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The Betel Nut Tree Mystery (2018)
(Crown Colony, book 2)
Ovidia Yu
"Every nook and cranny of 1930s Singapore is brought richly to life, without ever getting in the way of a classic puzzle plot. And Chen Su Lin is the most beguiling narrator heroine I've met in a long while."
A Gentleman's Murder (2018)
Christopher Huang
"With a steady hand and a sharp eye, Christopher Huang brings a lost world gloriously back to life, skewers it, and uses it to spin an irresistible tale. A Gentleman's Murder offers a rare treat for modern fans of the Golden Age."
The Wrong Boy (2018)
Cathy Ace
"A close-knit community in a quaint Welsh village in an area of outstanding beauty. Sounds cozy. But Cathy Ace's stunning new standalone, THE WRONG BOY, is about as cozy as a cornered snake. Told in a rising chorus of authentic voices, the story is deft and disturbing, creepingly claustrophobic, and with a grip that tightens to a choke-hold before its shattering conclusion."
The Book Club (2019)
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