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Jamaica (1889 - 1948)

Claude McKay was a Jamaican writer and poet. He was a communist in his early life, but after a visit to the Soviet Union, decided that communism was too disciplined and confining. He was never an actual member of the Communist Party. McKay was involved in the Harlem Renaissance and wrote three novels: Home to Harlem (1928), a best-seller which won the Harmon Gold Award for Literature, Banjo (1929), and Banana Bottom (1933). McKay also authored a collection of short stories, Gingertown (1932), and two autobiographical books, A Long Way from Home (1937) and Harlem: Negro Metropolis (1940). His book of poetry, Harlem Shadows (1922) was among the first books published during the Harlem Renaissance.

   Home to Harlem (1928)
   My Book (1928)
   Banjo (1929)
   Banana Bottom (1933)
   Harlem Glory (1988)
   Amiable with Big Teeth (2018)
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   Constab Ballads (poems) (1912)
   Songs of Jamaica (poems) (1912)
   Spring in New Hampshire (poems) (1920)
   Harlem Shadows (poems) (1922)
   Gingertown (1932)
   Dialect Poetry of Claude McKay (poems) (1953)
   Selected Poems (poems) (1953)
   Trial By Lynching (1977)
   My Green Hills of Jamaica (1979)
   A Fierce Hatred of Injustice (poems) (2001)
   Complete Poems (poems) (2004)
   Romance in Marseille (2005)
   If We Must Die (2022)
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