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Compton Mackenzie was born in West Hartlepool in 1883. He was educated at St Paul's School and Magdalen College, Oxford. During the First World War he became a Captain in the Royal Marines, becoming Director of the Aegean Intelligence Service. He wrote more than ninety books - novels, history and biography, essays and criticism, children's stories and verse, and was also an outstanding broadcaster. He founded and edited until 1961 the magazine the Gramophone, and was President of the Siamese Cat Club. He lived for many years on the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, but later settled in Edinburgh. Compton Mackenzie died in 1972.

Four Winds of Love
   1. The East Wind of Love (1937)
   2. The South Wind of Love (1937)
   3. The West Wind of Love (1940)
     aka West to North
   4. The North Wind (1944)
   The Gentleman in Grey (1907)
   The Passionate Elopement (1911)
   Carnival (1912)
   Youth's Encounter (1913)
   Sinister Street (1914)
   Guy and Pauline (1915)
   Plashers Mead (1915)
   The Early Life and Adventures of Sylvia Scarlett (1918)
   Poor Relations (1919)
   Sylvia and Michael (1919)
   The Vanity Girl (1920)
   Rich Relatives (1921)
   The Altar Steps (1922)
   Gramophone Nights (1923)
   The Parson's Progress (1923)
   The Heavenly Ladder (1924)
   The Old Men of the Sea (1924)
   Coral (1925)
   Santa Claus in Summer (1925)
   Fairy Gold (1926)
   Vestal Fire (1927)
   April Fools (1930)
   Buttercups and Daisies (1931)
   For Sale (1931)
   Unconsidered Trifles (1932)
   Reaped and Bound (1933)
   Water On the Brain (1933)
   Darkening Green (1934)
   Prince Charlie and His Ladies (1935)
   The East Wind (1937)
   Figure of Eight (1937)
   Pericles (1937)
   A Musical Chair (1939)
   The Monarch of the Glen (1941)
   The Red Tapeworm (1941)
   Again to the North (1946)
   Dr. Benes (1946)
   The Vital Flame (1947)
   Whisky Galore (1947)
   Hunting the Fairies (1949)
   Adventures of Sylvia Scarlett (1950)
   Tight Little Island (1950)
   Eastern Epic (1951)
   The Rival Monster (1952)
   Ben Nevis Goes East (1954)
   Echoes (1954)
   Sidelight (1954)
   The Three Couriers (1956)
   Thin Ice (1956)
   Rockets Galore (1957)
   Sublime tobacco (1957)
   The Lunatic Republic (1959)
   Cats' Company (1960)
   Catmint (1961)
   Mezzotint (1961)
   Look At Cats (1963)
   Paradise for Sale (1963)
   Little Cat Lost (1965)
   Stolen Soprano (1965)
   Extremes Meet (1966)
   Paper Lives (1966)
   Prince Charlie (1966)
   The Stairs That Kept Going Down (1967)
   The Seven Ages of Woman (1968)
   Keep the Home Guard Turning (1968)
   Strongest Man on Earth (1968)
   Secret Island (1969)
   Butterfly Hill (1970)
   Tante Marie's French Kitchen (1970)
   Sylvia and Arthur (1971)
   Sylvia Scarlett (1971)
   Our Street (1971)
   Dining-room Battle (1972)
   Perseus (1972)
   Theseus (1972)
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   Poems (poems) (1907)
   Kensington Rhymes (poems) (1912)
   Rogues and Vagabonds (1927)
   Calvary (1942)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Achilles (1972)
   Jason (1972)
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