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Goldy Moldavsky writes YA fiction from her hometown of Brooklyn. She studied journalism in college, where she got to interview some cool celebrities for her school paper. After a bit she realized itd be more fun making up stories about celebrities, so thats what she does in her writing. Some of her influences include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the esteemed works of John Irving, and the Mexican telenovelas she grew up watching with her mother.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
   Kill the Boy Band (2016)
   No Good Deed (2017)
   Eat Dirt (2018)
   The Last Girl (2021)
     aka The Mary Shelley Club
Goldy Moldavsky recommends
Notes from My Captivity (2018)
Kathy Parks
"Like Siberia itself, this story is wild, mysterious, full of danger—and then, quite unexpectedly, captivates you with its beauty. I was so glad I went on the adventure."
Scream All Night (2018)
Derek Milman
"Derek Milman bursts onto the YA scene with a completely unique concept and a delightfully quirky setting. It has all of my favorite things: plenty of absurdity wrapped in undeniable heart. Scream All Night is not to be missed."
Things That Grow (2021)
Meredith Goldstein
"A tender story about family, love, and the beauty of the impermanent. Thing That Grow will tug at your heartstrings (and make you want to take a road trip through New England.)"

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