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King of the World's Edge

(The first book in the Merlin's Godson series)
A novel by

When the Spanish soldiers arrived by ship on the coast of what is now Central America and parts of the Yucatan they were greeted as gods. It was if they have been expected! The ancient god Quetzalcoatl was described as a white-skinned man of miracles and sorcery who one day disappeared to the east from whence he had come.

Ancient Roman coins have been found at various locations along the Mississippi River and up into Ohio and along the Ohio River.

King of The World's Edge weaves an exciting story within the science-fiction genré along with the fantasy one to give you an extremely interesting story of ancient Roman soldiers and one in particular named Ventidius Varro also called Haro by the native people. A ruler he wants to be and in the new world at the edge of the world he becomes one. A warrior is he and it is a tale of battles and conquering along with self-discovery.

They were a lonely, half-starved band of adventurers who had been cast out of their homeland by hordes of invading marauders - and they came to an unknown world as strange, as fantastic, as wonder-packed as the legendary Atlantis. Here they encountered the dread fish-monsters of Piasa, and were captured by the savage legions of Miapan's barbaric empire. But they escaped - and vowed to build a new civilization in the wilderness that would crush the tyrants of Miapan forever!

Fighting their way across an uncharted continent peopled by strange civilizations and fierce beast-monsters, the sorcerer Myrdhinn and his small band of followers had only their swords and the discipline of their military training to sustain them - for Myrdhinn, master of Druid magic, had foresworn the black arts when he had become a Christian convert.

Yet at last, upon a barbarous pagan altar in the heart of Miapan, Myrdhinn faced an evil so great that he knew he must throw all the powers at his command against it. And when Myrdhinn called up the forces of the earth and elements against his foes, this entire new world was shaken to its foundations!

This continually exciting novel of strange worlds and fierce gods has long been rated alongside those of Burroughs and A. Merritt. Now at last it is available to modern readers - a tale that will ring in your memory!

Genre: Fantasy

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