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Helen Mittermeyer

USA flag (1930 - 2012)

aka Ann Cristy, Hayton Monteith, Danielle Paul

Helen was an internationally published writer of romance novels, avid gardener, ferocious lover and rescuer of many animals, Irish citizen and student of all things Scottish, wife of sixty years, mother of five children, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to many.

Genres: Romance
From the Torrid Past (1982) (as by Ann Cristy)
To Love a Stranger (1982) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Torn Asunder (1982) (as by Ann Cristy)
Relentless Love (1982) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Jinx Lady (1982) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Brief Delight (1983)
Enthralled (1983) (as by Ann Cristy)
Surrender (1983)
Lover's Knot (1984) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Chameleon (1984) (as by Danielle Paul)
Unexpected Sunrise (1984)
Mystique (1984) (as by Ann Cristy)
Vortex (1984)
No Gentle Possession (1984) (as by Ann Cristy)
Pilgrim Soul (1984) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Lotus Blossom (1985) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Tempest (1985)
Desert Princess (1986) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Endless Obsession (1986) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Silver Love (1987) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Kismet (1987)
Sapphire Heart (1987) (as by Hayton Monteith)
Brief Encounter (1988)
Diamond Fire (1989)
The Mask (1991)
A Moment in Time (1991)
Krystal (1991)
Her Very Own Butler (1992)
Princess of the Veil (1992)
'Til We Meet Again (1993)
Magic in Pastel (1994)
Dynasty Jones (1995)
Divinity Brown (1996)
The Veil (1996)
The Pledge (1997)
Destiny Smith (1998)
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