Nina Coombs Pykare


aka Ann Coombs, Nina Coombs, Nan Pemberton, Nina Porter, Nora Powers, Nina Pykare

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
The Scandalous Season (1979)
Love in Disguise (1980)
Affair Of Heart (1980) (as by Nina Pykare)
Affairs of the Heart (1980) (as by Nora Powers)
The Dazzled Heart (1980) (as by Nina Pykare)
Love's Delusion (1980) (as by Nan Pemberton)
Lady Incognita (1980) (as by Nina Pykare)
Design For Love (1980) (as by Nora Powers)
A Man of Her Choosing (1980)
The Innocent Heart (1981) (as by Nina Pykare)
Love Plays a Part (1981) (as by Nina Pykare)
A Matter of Honor (1982) (as by Nina Pykare)
Promise Me Tomorrow (1982) (as by Nora Powers)
Love So Fearful (1982) (as by Nina Coombs)
Heritage of the Heart (1982) (as by Nina Pykare)
Dream of the West (1983) (as by Nora Powers)
Passion's Domain (1983) (as by Nina Coombs)
Time Stands Still (1983) (as by Nora Powers)
In Moment Time (1983) (as by Nina Pykare)
Heart of the West (1983) (as by Nora Powers)
Forbidden Joy (1983) (as by Nina Coombs)
In a Moment's Time (1983) (as by Nora Powers)
Brief Interlude (1984) (as by Nina Pykare)
Sun Spark (1984) (as by Nina Coombs)
This Brief Interlude (1984) (as by Nora Powers)
In Stranger Arm (1984) (as by Nina Pykare)
In a Stranger's Arms (1984) (as by Nora Powers)
Before It's Too Late (1985) (as by Nina Coombs)
Different Reality (1985) (as by Nora Powers)
A Woman's Wiles (1985) (as by Nora Powers)
No Man's Kisses (1985) (as by Nora Powers)
Love's Folly (1988)
Woman of the West (1989) (as by Nora Powers)
The Lost Duchess of Greyden Castle (1990)
A Heart in Flight (1990) (as by Nina Porter)
Love's Promise (1991) (as by Nina Pykare)
A Daring Dilemma (1991) (as by Nina Porter)
A Touch of Heaven (1991)
A Matchmaker's Match (1992) (as by Nina Porter)
Lady Farrington's Folly (1993) (as by Nina Porter)
His Lordship's Filly (1993) (as by Nina Porter)
A Question of Trust (1998)
Death Comes for Desdemona (1999)
Haunting of Grey Cliffs (2000)
Neither Bound Nor Free (2000)
Death Rides a Pink Horse (2001)
Daring Dilemma (2001) (as by Nina Pykare)
A Frightful Prospect (2010)
His Lordship's Filly (2010)
Lady Farrington's Folly (2010)
Love Unexpected (2010)
The Rake's Companion (2010)
Death Stalks the Singing Bird (2011)
Dangerous Decision (2012)
Season for Love (2014)
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A Touch of Christmas (1993) (with Dawn Aldridge Poore (as by Nina Porter) and Alicia Rasley)
An Alluring Deceit / Love Match / His Lordship's Filly (1994) (with Melissa Lynn Jones and Valerie King (as by Nina Porter) )
Santa Paws (1997) (with Victoria Alexander (as by Nina Coombs) , Annie Kimberlin and Miriam Raftery)
The Cat's Meow (1998) (with Victoria Alexander (as by Nina Coombs) , Coral Smith Saxe and Colleen Shannon)
Contemporary Collection No. 4 (2000) (as by Nina Coombs) (with Yvonne Lehman, Jane Orcutt and Catherine Runyon)
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Series contributed to
It's a Dog's Life (as by Nina Coombs)
2. Man's Best Friend (1997)