Jason Monaghan

Jason Monaghan (1959-) is a thriller writer and Roman archaeologist. The eccentric side of Archaeology provided the background to his first five archaeology-detective novels featuring offbeat lecturer Jeffrey Flint. His new series of thrillers is set in the dangerous 1930s in a Britain under the shadow of fascism, and he is an active member of the Crime Writers' Association. 

Glint of Light on Broken Glass was his first straight historical novel without a crime component. Major research projects he has worked on include Britain's most intact Roman ship, and possibly the only known English Elizabethan shipwreck. His PhD thesis was on the Roman Pottery of Kent and he later published research on pottery from the Roman fortress of York and from Guernsey. Each summer since 2009 he has led a team in Alderney investigating Britain's best preserved small Roman fort and an adjacent Roman settlement.


Genres: Thriller
Jeffrey Flint Archaeological Mystery
   1. Darkness Rises (1993)
   2. Byron's Shadow (1994)
   3. Shadesmoor (1995)
   4. Lady in the Lake (1996)
   5. Blood and Sandals (2004)

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