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Damien Boyd

Damien Boyd is a solicitor and crime fiction writer.

Drawing on extensive experience of criminal law as well as several years in the Crown Prosecution Service, Damien writes fast paced crime novels featuring Detective Inspector Nick Dixon.

Damien recently published the first in the series, As The Crow Flies, which has been described as 'gripping' and 'not to be missed'.

Genres: Mystery
DI Nick Dixon Crime
   1. As The Crow Flies (2013)
   2. Head In The Sand (2013)
   3. Kickback (2014)
   4. Swansong (2015)
   5. Dead Level (2016)
   6. Death Sentence (2016)
   7. Heads or Tails (2017)
   8. Dead Lock (2018)
   9. Beyond the Point (2019)
   10. Down Among the Dead (2020)
   11. Dying Inside (2021)
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