Joanna Makepeace

(Margaret Elizabeth York)
UK flag (b.1927)

aka Margaret Abbey, Elizabeth York

Joanna was born in a Leicester of working class parents who were keenly intelligent and supportive and loving throughout her childhood. Unfortunately, she was born with a dislocation of the hip joint, which meant she spent a great deal of early childhood in and out of hospitals. However, they did have a hospital school and she learned to read early, so that she was devouring Dickens, Dumas, and Sabatini at seven and attempting to scribble stories (novels even) at about 11 years old.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
   Daughter of Isis (1969)
   Divine Son of Ra (1969)
   The Chosen of the Gods (1970)
   Francesca (1970) (as by Margaret Abbey)
   Girdle of Amber (1970) (as by Margaret Abbey)
     aka Amber Promise
   The Crowned Boar (1971) (as by Margaret Abbey)
   Not in Our Stars (1971)
   Pawns of Power (1972)
   Etain of the Red Hair (1973)
   The Flight of the Kestrel (1973) (as by Margaret Abbey)
   Brothers-in-arms (1973) (as by Margaret Abbey)
   The Medea Legend (1975) (as by Elizabeth York)
   Margrave House (1976) (as by Elizabeth York)
   Heir to Berkwell (1977) (as by Elizabeth York)
   House of the Enchantress (1977) (as by Elizabeth York)
   Heart is a Traitor (1978) (as by Margaret Abbey)
   Queen of the Dark Realms (1978) (as by Elizabeth York)
   The Brotherhood of Mars (1979) (as by Elizabeth York)
   Pandora's Box (1980) (as by Elizabeth York)
   Temptation's Triumph (1982)
   Love's Raging Fires (1982)
   My Lord Enemy (1983)
   The Spanish Prize (1990)
   Battlefield of Hearts (1991)
   Blood of the Boar (1993) (as by Margaret Abbey)
   Reluctant Rebel (1993)
   Corinna's Cause (1993)
   Crown Hostage (1994)
   The Devil's Mark (1995)
   King's Pawn (1996)
   Stolen Heiress (1996)
   The Bridgetown Maid (1997) (as by Margaret Abbey)
   The Baron's Bride (1997)
   Dragon's Court (1998)
   The Traitor's Daughter (2001)
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   The Misfits Anthology (2018) (with Heather Anne, F Bradshaw, A E Folk, Casey Hagen, Kimberly Knight, Stacy McWilliams, Sidonia Rose and Jaime Russell)
   Guns Blazing (2020) (with Nicole Banks, Janine Infante Bosco, Letha Gene, Andrea Joy, Elizabeth Knox, Erin Osborne, Claire C Riley, Courtney Lynn Rose, Alice La Roux, Krissy V and A C Williams)
   Rocked to the Core (2020) (with Heather Anne, J L Baldwin, Nicole Banks, Chelle C Craze, Brittany Crowley, Sarah Darlington, Letha Gene, Lisa B Kamps, Elizabeth Knox, E C Land, Angela Nicole, HL Nighbor, Liberty Parker, Courtney Lynn Rose, Jaime Russell, M A Stone, Aubree Valentine, A C Williams and Nicole Zoltack)
Series contributed to
In the Shadow of the Throne (as by Margaret Abbey)
   3. The Warwick Heiress (1970)
   4. The Son of York (1972)
Anthologies edited
   Web of Lies (2020) (with Jessica Ames, W M Dawson, Elizabeth Knox, Rae B Lake, Leah Negron, Courtney Lynn Rose, Alice La Roux, Dawn Taylor and A C Williams)