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Joan Smith's picture

Joan Smith


aka Jennie Gallant

Joan Smith is a graduate of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and the Ontario College of Education. She has taught French and English in high school and English in college. When she began writing, her interest in Jane Austen and Lord Byron led to her first choice of genre, the Regency, which she especially liked for its wit and humor.
Her favorite travel destination is England, where she researches her books. Her hobbies are gardening, painting, sculpture and reading. She is married and has three children. A prolific writer, she is currently working on Regencies and various mysteries at her home in Georgetown, Ontario.
She is also known as Jennie Gallant.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Historical Mystery
Folk Doll of Sion (1973)
The Dittany Bush (1975)
Affair of the Heart (1976)
Escapade (1977)
Aunt Sophie's Diamonds (1977)
La Comtesse (1978)
Harry McShane: No Mean Fighter (1978) (with Harry McShane)
Imprudent Lady (1978)
Dame Durden's Daughter (1978)
Sweet and Twenty (1979)
Talk of the Town (1979)
Flowers of Eden (1979)
Lace for Milady (1980)
Endure My Heart (1980)
Rose Trelawney (1980)
Perdita (1981)
Valerie (1981)
The Blue Diamond (1981)
Lovers' Vows (1981)
Delsie (1982)
The Reluctant Bride (1982)
Reprise (1982)
Love's Way (1982)
Wiles of a Stranger (1982)
Gift of Umtal (1982)
Prelude to Love (1983)
Strictly Business (1983)
Next Year's Blonde (1983)
Lady Madeline's Folly (1983)
Caprice (1983)
Love Bade Me Welcome (1983)
From Now on (1983)
Chance of a Lifetime (1984)
Best of Enemies (1984)
Trouble in Paradise (1984)
Future Perfect (1984)
Tender Takeover (1985)
The Yielding Art (1985)
True Lady (1985)
Bath Belles (1986)
The Infamous Madame X (1986)
Where There's a Will (1986)
Strange Capers (1986)
A Country Wooing (1987)
Love's Harbinger (1987)
Letters to a Lady (1987)
Country Flirt (1987)
Dear Corrie (1987)
If You Love Me (1988)
Memoirs of a Hoyden (1988)
By Hook or by Crook (1988)
Destiny's Dream (1988)
Silken Secrets (1988)
Drury Lane Darling (1988)
After the Storm (1988)
Emerald Hazard (1988)
The Hermit's Daughter (1988)
The Polka Dot Nude (1989)
Maybe Next Time (1989)
The Royal Scamp (1989)
Silver Water, Golden Sand (1989)
It Takes Two (1989)
Lover's Quarrels (1989)
Thrill of the Chase (1989)
Madcap Miss (1989)
Sealed With a Kiss (1990)
The Merry Month of May (1990)
A Whisper on the Wind (1990)
Cousin Cecilia (1990)
Follow That Blonde (1990)
Her Nest Egg (1990)
Winter Wedding (1990)
Romantic Rebel (1990)
The Waltzing Widow (1991)
Her Lucky Break (1991)
The Notorious Lord Havergal (1991)
Bath Scandal (1991)
Jennie Kissed Me (1991)
The Barefoot Baroness (1992)
Dangerous Dalliance (1992)
Francesca (1992)
Getting to Know You (1992)
Wife Errant (1992)
The Spanish Lady (1992)
Headed for Trouble (1993)
Can't Buy Me Love (1993)
Gather Ye Rosebuds (1993)
John Loves Sally (1993)
The Savage Lord Griffin (1993)
The Great Christmas Ball (1993)
Poor Little Rich Girl (1993)
No Place for a Lady (1993)
Behold, a Mystery! (1994)
Old Lover's Ghost (1994)
Regency Masquerade (1994)
Never Let Me Go (1994)
The Kissing Bough (1994)
Damsel in Distress (1994)
An Autumn Perspective (1995)
A Kiss in the Dark (1995)
The Virgin and the Unicorn (1995)
Kissing Cousins (1995)
A Tall Dark Stranger (1995)
Tea and Scandal (1996)
A Christmas Gambol (1996)
Daughters of the Law (1996)
An Infamous Proposal (1996)
Petticoat Rebellion (1997)
Blossom Time (1997)
A Highwayman Came Riding (1998)
Little Coquette (1998)
Is He a Devil (1999)
Oh Miranda! (2001)
Aurora (2007)
Babe (2010)
Moon Love (2010)
Friends and Lovers (2016)
It Takes a Lady (2016)


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