Katerina Martinez

Katerina Martinez is an up and coming author who writes supernatural fiction with a creepy, thrilling, and romantic bent. Though she has been writing for a couple of years, her success recently exploded with the release of Dark Siren, the first book in the breakout Half-Lich Trilogy which became an instant bestseller in 2016. 

She follows the Half-Lich series with the Blood and Magick seriesa story about a young writer who, in the aftermath of a brutal breakup, moves to a magickal new city in the hopes of rediscovering herself. The story you have just read is a prequel to the first book in this upcoming new series, and is available nowhere else. In the book, entitled Magick Reborn, we pick up after Madison makes her move to New Orleans and watch her as she settles in, meets the local witches, and discovers a terrible, deadly secret hiding right under her nose.

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Genres: Urban Fantasy