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R A Salvatore

(Robert Anthony Salvatore)
USA flag (1959 - )

R. A. Salvatore was born in Massachusetts in 1959. He is the acclaimed author of the DemonWars trilogy: The Demon Awakens, The Demon Spirit, and The Demon Apostle, as well as Mortalis, Bastion of Darkness, Ascendance, and the New York Times bestseller Star Wars® The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Diane, and their three children.
Spearwielder's Tales
1. The Woods Out Back (1993)
2. The Dragon's Dagger (1994)
3. Dragonslayer Returns (1995)
     aka The Haggis Hunters
Spearwielder's Tale (omnibus) (2004)
DemonWars (Second Saga)
1. Ascendance (2001)
2. Transcendence (2002)
3. Immortalis (2003)
Trial by Fire (2003)

Stone of Tymora
1. The Stowaway (2008) (with Geno Salvatore)
2. The Shadowmask (2009) (with Geno Salvatore)
3. The Sentinels (2010) (with Geno Salvatore)
Stone of Tymora (omnibus) (2012)
Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter
1. Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 1 (2013) (with David Baldeon and Geno Salvatore)
2. Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 2 (2013) (with David Baldeon, Steve Ellis and Geno Salvatore)
3. Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 3 (2013) (with David Baldeon, Steve Ellis and Geno Salvatore)
4. Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 4 (2013) (with David Baldeon, Steve Ellis and Geno Salvatore)
5. Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 5 (2013) (with David Baldeon, Steve Ellis and Geno Salvatore)

1. Archmage (2015)
2. Maestro (2016)
3. Hero (2016)
1. Child of a Mad God (2018)
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Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by R A Salvatore
Short stories
The Coach with Big Teeth (1996)

R A Salvatore recommends

Ghost King (1988)
(Sipstrassi : Stones of Power, book 1)
David Gemmell
"David Gemmell tells a tale of very real adventure, the stuff of true epic fantasy."

Wit'ch Fire (1998)
(Banned and the Banished, book 1)
James Clemens
"Wit'ch Fire grabs at your heart ... A brutal and beautiful ride. I couldn't put the darned book down."
The Changeling War
The Changeling War (1999)
(Changeling, book 1)
Peter Garrison (Craig Shaw Gardner)
"Original and fresh... An amazing addition to the genre."

Wizards' Conclave (2004)
(Dragonlance : Age of Mortals, book 5)
Douglas Niles
"Absolutely nobody builds a more convincing fantasy realm than Doug Niles."

A Darkness Forged in Fire (2008)
(Iron Elves, book 1)
Chris Evans
"I'm always thrilled by seeing a new author press the boundaries of the conventions of fantasy. Chris Evans does just that - taking the broad sword and sorcery archetypes and placing them squarely in a new and exciting environment."

The Horned Blade (2015)
(Dragonrealm: The Turning War, book 3)
Richard A Knaak
"Full of energy....Great world building [and] memorable characters...Its easy to see why Richard has enjoyed so much success!."

Game of Shadows (2017)
Erika Lewis
"This book's got heart . . . a wonderful adventure."

Witchy Eye (2017)
(Witchy, book 1)
D J Butler
"…you can’t stop yourself from taking another bite… and another… and another…. I didn’t want to stop reading…. Kudos!"

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