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Ronn Munsterman is an Information Technology professional of twenty years. He loves baseball, and as a native of Kansas City, Missouri, has followed the Royals since their beginning in 1969. Other interests include reading, some selective television watching, movies, listening to music, playing and coaching chess, and photography. Visit his website for a list of his favorites. He also writes short stories, two of which have been published, and they are available for free download on his website. His lifelong interest in World War II history led to the writing of the Sgt. Dunn Novels: Operation Devil’s Fire and Behind German Lines. Ronn does volunteer chess coaching each school year for elementary- through high school-aged students, and also provides private lessons for chess students. He authored a book on teaching chess: Chess Handbook for Parents and Coaches, available on He lives in Iowa with his wife, and enjoys spending time with the family. Ronn is currently busy at work on the third Sgt. Dunn novel.

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June 2024

Nazi Plunder
(Sgt. Dunn, book 19)
Sgt. Dunn
   1. Operation Devil's Fire (2011)
   2. Behind German Lines (2013)
   3. Brutal Enemy (2014)
   4. Saving Paris (2015)
   5. Capture (2016)
   6. Rangers Betrayed (2016)
   7. Castle Breach (2017)
   8. Sword of Ice (2017)
   9. Raid on Hitler's Dam (2018)
   10. Lethal Ground (2018)
   11. Hunting Sgt. Dunn (2019)
   12. SS Assassins (2019)
   13. Bold Rescue (2020)
   14. Risk and Valor (2021)
   15. Disrupt and Destroy (2021)
   16. Rogue Nazis (2022)
   17. Catch A Komet (2023)
   18. Grim Measures (2023)
   19. Nazi Plunder (2024)

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