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A writer turned lawyer turned writer.
Robert Dugoni was born in Idaho and raised in Northern California the middle child of a family of ten siblings. Dugoni jokes that he didn't get much of a chance to talk, so he wrote. By the seventh grade he knew he wanted to be a writer.

Dugoni wrote his way to Stanford University, receiving writing awards along the way, and majored in communications/journalism and creative writing while working as a reporter for the Stanford Daily. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and worked briefly as a reporter in the Metro Office and the San Gabriel Valley Office of the Los Angeles Times.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Literary Fiction
New Books
August 2022

What She Found
(Tracy Crosswhite, book 9)
Non fiction
   The Cyanide Canary (2004) (with Joseph Hilldorfer)
Edgar Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2017) : The 7th Canon

Robert Dugoni recommends
Shedrow (2010)
Dean DeLuke
"Shedrow is one to read and DeLuke is a new writer to watch."
Lamentation (2014)
(Jay Porter, book 1)
Joe Clifford
"Clifford paints true-to-life characters with the same gritty touch as the best of Dennis Lehane. Straightforward and edgy, Lamentation gnaws with nail-biting tension on every page. A must-read for contemporary hardboiled mystery fans who appreciate the type of terse dialogue and real life conflicts and settings Elmore Leonard so richly brought to life."
The Good Neighbor (2015)
A J Banner
"A riveting psychological thriller with twists and turns I didn't see coming."
The Short Drop (2015)
(Gibson Vaughn, book 1)
Matthew FitzSimmons
"The Short Drop is an adrenaline-fueled thriller that has it all—political intrigue, murder, and suspense. Matthew FitzSimmons weaves a clever plot and deftly leads the reader on a rapid ride to an explosive end."
The Drum Within (2016)
(Denise Aragon, book 1)
James R Scarantino
"A masterpiece. I loved it."
Deep Six (2016)
(Jake Longly, book 1)
D P Lyle
"Readers will love Jake Longly?ex-big league ballplayer, beach bar owner, and reluctant PI, and the sharply defined ensemble of characters in Deep Six is just as outstanding. Page turning action and knock out dialogue from a master craftsman and story teller. I devoured this one!"
Dead Man's Bridge (2017)
(Jake Cantrell Mystery, book 1)
Robert J Mrazek
"Intriguing plot. A hero to root for."
Saving Grace (2018)
(Fleetwood and Sheils, book 2)
Simon Wood
"Nail-biting suspense in a high-stakes thriller. Simon Wood’s gift is a dizzying pace packed with twists and turns to the very last enjoyable word."
The First Family (2018)
Daniel Palmer and Michael Palmer
"High-stakes and intelligent, The First Family is everything you want in a medical thriller. Chilling!"
A Fatal Obsession (2018)
(McCabe and Savage, book 6)
James Hayman
"A first-rate storyteller at the top of his game."
What She Gave Away (2018)
(Santa Barbara , book 1)
Catharine Riggs
"A superb novel from a unique writer with a distinctive voice. Honest, terrifyingly believable, and destined for bestseller lists."
We, the Jury (2018)
Robert Rotstein
"The best legal thriller this year. Rotstein's insight into the insidious nature of jurors and jury trials blew me away. A masterpiece of voice, character and points of view. Get it. Buy it. And become part of We The Jury."
What Have You Done (2018)
(Adler and Dwyer)
Matthew Farrell
"A must-read thriller! Intense, suspenseful, and fast-paced—I was on the edge of my seat."
Bleak Harbor (2018)
(Bleak Harbor, book 1)
Bryan Gruley
"Bryan Gruley creates a fascinating calamity of flawed characters, each hiding secrets in the haunting town of Bleak Harbor. His portrayal of an autistic boy’s kidnapping, and the subsequent efforts to find and rescue him, gradually and brilliantly exposes the decidedly dark underbelly of both the town and all those living in it. I dare you to put the book down. I couldn’t."
The Night Janitor (2019)
T F Allen
"Kept me in suspense to the very end."
I'll Never Tell (2019)
Catherine McKenzie
"I’ll Never Tell is a haunting tale of family secrets. Catherine McKenzie weaves a rich tapestry of flawed, untrustworthy characters, challenging the reader to solve the crime…a not-so-easy but spell-binding task."
Thin Air (2019)
(Jessica Shaw, book 1)
Lisa Gray
"Lisa Gray explodes onto the literary stage with this taut, edge-of-the-seat thriller, and her headstrong protagonist, Jessica Shaw, reminiscent of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, delivers a serious punch."
Buckle Bunny (2019)
(What Doesn't Kill You)
Pamela Fagan Hutchins
"Maggie is irresistible."
Smokescreen (2019)
(Eve Duncan, book 25)
Iris Johansen
"A master storyteller, Iris Johansen brings characters to life like no other. A tension filled novel...her plot is intricate, her characters compelling. SMOKESCREEN is great fun."
An Equal Justice (2019)
(David Adams, book 1)
Chad Zunker
"A thriller with a message. A pleasure to read. Twists I didn’t see coming. I read it in one sitting."
Days of the Hunters (2020)
Arthur Kerns
"part James Bond, part Jack Reacher."
The Last Sister (2020)
(Columbia River, book 1)
Kendra Elliot
"Every family has skeletons. Kendra Elliot’s tale of the Mills family’s dark secrets is first-rate suspense. Dark and gripping, The Last Sister crescendos to knock-out, edge-of-your seat tension."
Last Day (2020)
Luanne Rice
"A brutal murder, a failed marriage, secret lovers, and enough suspects to fill a room. The truth lies somewhere between betrayal and love. A compelling mystery you won’t put down or solve until the final pages."
Privateers (2020)
Charlie Newton
"Privateers rocks from beginning to explosive end."
White Out (2020)
(Badlands, book 1)
Danielle Girard
"Girard excels at creating kick-ass heroines in high-stakes, high-tension thrillers. Lily Baker and Detective Kylie Millard ensure White Out is the start to another white-knuckle series."
The Wicked Sister (2020)
Karen Dionne
"A terrifying thrill-ride of psychological suspense. Karen Dionne is wickedly good at deception, deceit and misdirection and The Wicked Sister is seductively compelling. You will not stop reading."
Interference (2020)
Brad Parks
"A smart, innovative thriller that evokes the best of Michael Crichton and Blake Crouch. Parks proposes the seemingly improbable, makes it plausible, then weaves in twists and turns, taking the reader on a mind-bending ride."
Under a Gilded Moon (2020)
Joy Jordan-Lake
"Elegantly written and expertly crafted, Under a Gilded Moon soars as high as any piece of literature can reach. You’re transported to a time and place in history that begs [to be] read late into the night."
Water Memory (2021)
(Sentro, book 1)
Daniel Pyne
"Water Memory blew me away. It’s the kind of rare character-driven, adrenaline-charged action-thriller readers crave and writers dare to emulate. Aubrey Sentro is an iconic, kick-ass heroine—deeply flawed, exceptionally skilled, and exceedingly motivated. Lara Craft on steroids. A brilliant page-turner."
Red Widow (2021)
(Red Widow, book 1)
Alma Katsu
"A first-rate thriller. Red Widow provides an intoxicating, insider's view of the CIA, betrayal, revenge, and espionage at the highest levels and the highest stakes."
All That Fall (2021)
(Emma Lawson Mystery, book 1)
Kris Calvin
"A sizzling thriller chock-full of suspense and intrigue."
Murder on the Commons (2021)
(Davies & West Mystery, book 4)
Will North
"Murder on the Commons is a taut, complex mystery featuring a cunning murder, and engaging, colorful characters. His sense of place immerses readers into the heart of the story. A must-read for fans of British police procedurals."
One London Day (2021)
C C Humphreys
"Hard boiled, lustful, edgy-a modern noir."
Sleeping Bear (2021)
Connor Sullivan
"Authentic, compelling, and utterly gripping."
The Truth of it All (2021)
(Julia Geary Legal Thriller, book 1)
Gwen Florio
"A page-turner from the opening sentence. Public Defender Julia Geary is a character to root for in a red-hot case that strikes a town at its very core. I couldn’t read fast enough."
Deep Sleep (2022)
(Devin Gray, book 1)
Steven Konkoly
"Nobody's better at spy craft, action, and intrigue than Steven Konkoly. Thrilling entertainment from the first to the last written word."
Last Summer Boys (2022)
Bill Rivers
"Over the course of one life-changing summer, one boy will do whatever it takes to save his oldest brother from the draft. But when other hurdles arise that threaten his family, he'll summon every ounce of his courage and strength to try to protect them all. Part coming-of-age tale, part adventure narrative, this heartwarming and uplifting debut is perfect for fans of William Kent Krueger's This Tender Land or the beloved film Stand by Me (adapted from Stephen King's The Body)."
Everything to Lose (2022)
(Lassiter and Martinez, book 4)
Joseph Badal
"Don't miss this one."

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