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aka Lee West

Steven graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1993, receiving a bachelor of science in English literature. He served the next eight years on active duty, traveling the world as a naval officer assigned to various Navy and Marine Corps units. His extensive journey spanned the globe, including a two-year tour of duty in Japan and travel to more than twenty countries throughout Asia and the Middle East.
From enforcing United Nations sanctions against Iraq as a maritime boarding officer in the Arabian Gulf, to directing aircraft bombing runs and naval gunfire strikes as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) assigned to a specialized Marine Corps unit, Steven's "in-house" experience with a wide range of regular and elite military units brings a unique authenticity to his thrillers.

He lives with his family in central Indiana, where he still wakes up at "zero dark thirty" to write for most of the day. When "off duty," he spends as much time as possible outdoors or travelling with his family--and dog.

Genres: Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror

Black Flagged
   0.5. Inception (2018)
   1. Alpha (2011)
   2. Redux (2012)
   3. Apex (2012)
   4. Black Flagged Vektor (2013)
   4.5. Covenant (2018)
   5. Omega (2017)
   6. Vindicta (2022)
   The Black Flagged Boxset: Books 1-3 (2015)
Zulu Virus
   1. Hot Zone (2017)
   2. Kill Box (2017)
   3. Fire Storm (2018)
Ryan Decker
   1. The Rescue (2019)
   2. The Raid (2019)
   3. The Mountain (2020)
   4. Skystorm (2021)
Series contributed to
Non fiction series
Practical Prepping (with Randall S Powers)
   1. Practical Prepping (2014)
Steven Konkoly recommends
The China Pandemic (2013)
(Graham's Resolution, book 1)
A R Shaw
"Overall, a thoroughly post-apocalyptic novel, with solid character development, realistic settings, and a well-balanced pace. I highly recommend it."
Extinction Horizon (2014)
(Extinction Cycle, book 1)
Nicholas Sansbury Smith
"A blistering, high octane thrill ride to the brink of humanity's extinction. Nicholas Sansbury Smith plunges the reader right into the middle of the action, alongside a cast of unforgettable characters, as they fight tooth and nail to survive one impossible mission after another-to stop an extinction level virus. The Extinction Cycle series is post-apocalyptic, military science fiction at its best. Highly addictive!"
Blood Honor (2016)
(Day After Never, book 1)
Russell Blake
"Russell Blake takes the post-apocalyptic genre by storm with The Day After Never - Blood Honor, a relentlessly paced, exquisitely crafted story of survival and redemption in a hellacious landscape forged after the fall of mankind. Blake hits the right dystopian notes from the very start, catapulting the reader into an unforgiving world: part Mad Max,part Cormac McCarthy'sThe Road, and part Magnificent Seven."
The Eighth Sister (2019)
(Charles Jenkins, book 1)
Robert Dugoni
"Exhilarating…A tightly written, flawlessly executed espionage novel that takes the reader on a refreshingly unique, white-knuckle journey through the byzantine world of modern intelligence."
A Killer's Wife (2020)
(Desert Plains, book 1)
Victor Methos
"Exquisitely paced and skillfully crafted, A Killer’s Wife delivers a wicked psychological suspense wrapped around a hypnotic legal thriller. One cleverly designed twist after another kept me saying—I did not see that coming."
Dark Tomorrow (2020)
(Lisa Tanchik, book 2)
Reece Hirsch
"Reece Hirsch masterfully delivers a smart, electrifying thriller with Dark Tomorrow. Perfectly balanced between tense street-level action and a ‘race against the clock’ cyber hunt—you’ll ride this high-octane rollercoaster of shocking twists and turns until the last page."
Don't Make a Sound (2020)
(Sawyer Brooks, book 1)
T R Ragan
"T.R. Ragan takes the revenge thriller to the next level in the gritty and chillingly realistic Don’t Make a Sound. Ragan masterfully crafts one unexpected twist after another until the shocking finale."
Meet Your Maker (2020)
(Delta Devlin, book 2)
Matthew Mather
"Another home run from one of the genre's top authors. Mather once again artfully weaves nail-biting action and high-tech wizardry into a relentless thrill ride."
Departure (2020)
(Seth Walker, book 3)
Joseph Reid
"Joseph Reid delivers a Mach 3, edge-of-your-seat thriller with Departure. Strap in tight for a delightfully turbulent ride—Reid grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let go."
Firewall (2021)
(Firewall Spies, book 1)
Andrew Watts
"A sleekly crafted, brilliantly paced techno thriller. Watts takes the reader on a spine tingling ride through the dark, serpentine world of high-tech industrial espionage-where the difference between winning and losing means seismic shift in world power."
Water Memory (2021)
(Sentro, book 1)
Daniel Pyne
"Daniel Pyne’s Water Memory is a stylish and addictive thriller propelled by gritty action, sublime intrigue, and a brilliantly executed character twist."
Biostorm (2021)
(Vector, book 1)
Anthony J Melchiorri
"Biostorm kicks off with a wildly entertaining chase through the streets of Istanbul and just continues to build intensity through the finale. A riveting thriller, full of shocking twists and ripping action...guaranteed to keep you turning the pages."

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