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I have had an abiding love of history from an early age. This interest not only influenced my academic choices at university but also my life choices and careers. I spent several years with my trowel in the world of archaeology before finding my forte as a storyteller in the guise of a history teacher. I wanted to encourage young people to find that same interest in history that had enlivened my life.

I always wanted to write historical fiction. The opportunity came when I left education; I then gleefully re-entered the world of engaging and fascinating historical research into the background of some of my favourite historical periods. There are so many stories still waiting to be told, and my first series of books on ‘The Breton Horse Warriors’ proved to be one of them. The Breton Lords, such as my fictional Luc De Malvais, played a significant role in the Battle of Hastings and helped to give William the Conqueror a decisive win. They were one of the most exciting troops of cavalry and swordmasters in Western Europe.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Genres: Historical
Breton Horse Warriors
   1. Ravensworth (2021)
   2. Rebellion (2021)
   3. Betrayal (2021)
   4. Banished (2022)
   5. Vengeance (2022)
Novellas and Short Stories

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