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Conn Iggulden

UK flag (1971 - )

aka C F Iggulden

Conn Iggulden taught English for seven years before becoming a full-time writer. He is married with four children and lives in Hertfordshire, England. 

1. Wolf of the Plains (2007)
     aka Genghis: Birth of an Empire
2. Lords of the Bow (2008)
     aka Genghis: Lords of the Bow
3. Bones of the Hills (2008)
4. Empire of Silver (2010)
     aka Khan: Empire of Silver
5. Conqueror (2011)
Conqueror and Lords of the Bow (omnibus) (2009)
The Khan Series (omnibus) (2012)
Conqueror Series 5-Book Bundle (omnibus) (2013)
1. Tollins (2009)
2. Dynamite Tales (2011) (with Lizzy Duncan)
Wars of the Roses
1. Stormbird (2013)
2. Trinity (2014)
     aka Margaret of Anjou
3. Bloodline (2015)
4. Ravenspur (2016)
Wars of the Roses (omnibus) (2017)

Series contributed to
Non fiction
Conn Iggulden recommends

Chains of Albion (2004)
(Reluctant Adventures of Lieutenant Martin Jerrold, book 2)
Edwin Thomas
"A cracking book. Fast-paced, exciting and funny."

Romanitas (2005)
(Romanitas, book 1)
Sophia McDougall

Men of Bronze (2005)
Scott Oden
"Fast, tense and exciting... the final climactic battlefield scene is just brilliant."
City of Spies
City of Spies (2006)
(Aztec, book 3)
Simon Levack
"Fascinating... I loved the black humour."

Zulu Hart (2008)
(George Hart, book 1)
Saul David
"Gems like this are too rare. I was hooked in ten pages."
Captain of Rome
Captain of Rome (2009)
(Masters of the Sea, book 2)
John Stack
"John Stack delivers strong characters and excellent action."

The Left Hand of God (2010)
(Left Hand of God Trilogy, book 1)
Paul Hoffman

In the Name of the King (2011)
(Andre de Roland, book 2)
A L Berridge
"Bernard Cornwell meets The Three Musketeers."

Prince of Thorns (2011)
(Broken Empire, book 1)
Mark Lawrence
"Excellent - on a par with George R. R. Martin."

Dodger (2013)
(Dodger , book 1)
James Benmore
"Dickens would have loved this ... a brilliant character, as lively and funny as the original Artful Dodger."

The Eagle's Vengeance (2013)
(Empire , book 6)
Anthony Riches
"Some authors are better historians than they are storytellers. Anthony Riches is brilliant at both."

Gallow (2014)
(Fateguard Trilogy)
Nathan Hawke
"Shades of David Gemmell...It's about time someone good took up the tourch for heroic fantasy. Inspiring characters, great plot and culture. I read this in one session, uttely absorbed."

The Battle of All the Ages (2014)
(Matthew Quinton Journals, book 5)
J D Davies and J D Davies

The King's Assassin (2015)
(Outlaw Chronicles, book 7)
Angus Donald
"Joyous writing, full of verve and control."

Sword of Honour (2015)
(Samurai, book 2)
David Kirk
"Fascinating, exciting...An absolute gem."

The Lion of Mistra (2015)
(Mistra Chronicles / Rise of Empires Chronicles, book 3)
James Heneage
"Fascinating historical mysteries and vivid colourful characters. One hell of a fine book."

Saint's Blood (2016)
(Greatcoats, book 3)
Sebastien De Castell
"One hell of a good book."

Oswiu: King of Kings (2016)
(Northumbrian Thrones, book 3)
Edoardo Albert
"Edoardo Albert's book is brilliant: hugely enjoyable, a galloping plot with characters I care about--exactly the sort of thing I love to read. . . This was a joy to read from start to finish."

First of the Tudors (2016)
Joanna Hickson
"A great tale... the golden thread that led to the crown of England."

Battle For Rome (2017)
(Twilight of Empire , book 3)
Ian James Ross
"Hugely enjoyable."

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