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Suzanna Medeiros

Suzanna Medeiros was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Her love for the written word led her to pursue a degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Education degree, but graduated at a time when no teaching jobs were available. After working at a number of interesting places, including a federal inquiry, a youth probation office, and the Office of the Fire Marshal of Ontario, she decided to pursue her first love writing.

Suzanna is married to her personal hero and is the proud mother of twin daughters. She is an avowed romantic who enjoys spending her days writing love stories.

She would like to thank her parents for showing her that love at first sight and happily ever after really do exist.

Genres: Historical Romance

Hathaway Heirs
   1. Lady Hathaway's Indecent Proposal (2013)
   2. Lord Hathaway's New Bride (2018)
     aka Lord Hathaway's Bride
   3. Captain Hathaway's Dilemma (2018)
     aka The Captain's Heart
   4. Miss Hathaway's Wish (2020)
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