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Whit Masterson

(Robert Wade and Bill Miller)
(1920 - 2012)

aka Will Daemer, Wade Miller, Dale Wilmer

Whit Masterson is a pen name for a partnership of two authors, Robert Allison Wade (1920 2012) and H. Bill Miller (1920 - 1961). The two also wrote under several other pseudonyms, including Wade Miller and Will Daemer. Together they wrote more than thirty novels, of which several were adapted for films. Most famously, their novel Badge of Evil was converted into the Orson Welles film Touch of Evil.

Genres: Mystery
   The Case of the Lonely Lovers (1951) (as by Will Daemer)
   Memo for Murder (1951) (as by Dale Wilmer)
   Dead Fall (1954) (as by Dale Wilmer)
   Jungle Heat (1954) (as by Dale Wilmer)
   All Through The Night (1955)
     aka A Cry in the Night
   Dead, She Was Beautiful (1955)
   Badge of Evil (1956)
     aka Touch of Evil
   A Shadow in the Wild (1957)
   The Dark Fantastic (1959)
   A Hammer in His Hand (1960)
   Evil Come, Evil Go (1961)
   The Man On a Nylon String (1963)
   711-Officer Needs Help (1965)
     aka Killer with a Badge / Warning Shot
   Play Like You're Dead (1967)
   The Last One Kills (1969)
   The Death of Me Yet (1970)
   The Gravy Train (1971)
     aka The Great Train Hijack
   Why She Cries, I Do Not Know (1972)
   The Undertaker Wind (1973)
   The Man with Two Clocks (1975)
   Hunter of the Blood (1977)
   The Slow Gallows (1979)
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