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Tori Phillips

aka Mary Schaller

As an Army brat, then a Navy Wife, and now a travel nut, Tori has been packing suitcases for a lifetime. Though born in Washington, D.C., she considers herself a Virginian at heart as this state was her first, and now present home.

Tori started first grade in Baltimore, Maryland; finished eighth grade in Heidelberg, Germany; graduated from high school in Bethesda, Maryland; and received her Bachelor's Degree in San Diego, California.

Tori and Marty, Tori's husband of 33 years, were married in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, had their children in Honolulu and Detroit, Michigan, and lived all over the map from Newport, Rhode Island to London, England. Along the way, Tori and Marty have met wonderful people, eaten all sorts of strange foods, and enjoyed having lots of mini-adventures.

Genres: Historical Romance
   Papa Was a Boy in Gray (2001) (as by Mary Schaller)
   Beloved Enemy (2004) (as by Mary Schaller)
   Deadly Distrust (2015) (as by Mary Schaller)
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