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lma Katsu was born in Alaska and raised near Concord, Massachusetts. She has a BA in writing from Brandeis University and an MA from the Johns Hopkins Writing Program. She lives with her husband in Virginia.

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

   The Hunger (2018)
   The Deep (2020)
   Red Widow (2021)
   The Fervor (2022)
Alma Katsu recommends
The Taking of Annie Thorne (2019)
C J Tudor
"Delicious in every way. A deliciously creepy story, deliciously told. Storytelling like a siren's song: your hair will prickle and stand on end but you won't be able to tear your eyes from the page. If you like Tana French, you will love, love, love C.J. Tudor."
Inspection (2019)
Josh Malerman
"Inspection proves that Josh Malerman is a master magician of narrative form. He’s distilled the zeitgeist of our terrible times into this dazzling chameleon of a story, part Grimm’s fairy tale of innocent youth, part dystopian gender politics, and authoritarianism run amok, with a satisfying Tarantino-esque ending."
Lullabies For Suffering (2020)
Kealan Patrick Burke, Caroline Kepnes and Mark Matthews
"The stories in Lullabies for Suffering are the real deal, a plunge into agony and the ecstasy, the inescapable nightmare of addiction."
The Chill (2020)
Scott Carson
"Scott Carson's THE CHILL may be the perfect thriller. Great characters. Creeping dread and explosive reveals. Pacing that never lets up. Maybe some of the best conversation with the dead since Stephen King's THE SHINING."
Eden (2020)
Tim Lebbon
"Tim Lebbon gives us a near-future as terrifying as it is exhilarating, and—most frightening of all—irresistibly beautiful. Surrender to Eden."
The Only Child (2020)
Mi-Ae Seo
"For fans of Mindhunter, Mi-Ae Seo’s novel The Only Child feels like true crime but is a tour de force of twisty fiction with a shocking ending you won’t be able to stop thinking about. Family secrets abound in this fine novel of psychological suspense."
A Witch in Time (2020)
Constance Sayers
"A sweeping story of magical, star-crossed love, as glamorous as it is romantic. Prepare to be dazzled."
The Return (2020)
Rachel Harrison
"Combining suspense and horror with razor-sharp insights into the nature of female friendships, Rachel Harrison's The Return is a creepy, nerve-wracking, page-turning addition to the emerging field of horror thrillers."
Wonderland (2020)
Zoje Stage
"Wonderland shows the terror lurking below the surface of domestic bliss, when we realize our familiar and cozy world may not be as it seems. Zoje Stage is one of the few writers who can make the supernatural feel totally, dangerously real."
Dangerous Women (2021)
Hope Adams
"A perfect recreation of a unique moment in time. An examination of the shocking treatment of women in our not-too distant past. Hope Adams' Dangerous Women is a must-read for lovers of fearless historical fiction."
The Lost Village (2021)
Camilla Sten
"THE LOST VILLAGE draws you in with its spooky premise--the disappearance of an entire town--but great atmospherics and unexpected twists keep you turning the pages. For fans of haunted reality TV shows, Scandinavian thrillers, and all things relentlessly creepy."
The Drowning Kind (2021)
Jennifer McMahon
"Past and present, the real and the imaginary intertwine like ribbons on a maypole in this beautifully haunting story of familial love and loss. For those who crave magic in their everyday lives, Jennifer McMahon will make you believe."
In the Company of Killers (2021)
Bryan Christy
"An inside look at a high-stakes world that will appeal to fans of classic international intrigue as well as those craving a more modern take on the geopolitical thriller. An adventure story for the thinking man."
The Book of Accidents (2021)
Chuck Wendig
"Only Chuck Wendig can blend horror, fantasy, and science fiction into a propulsive thriller that is as funny as it is frightening, clever as it is uncanny, tender as it is terrifying. A magical ride."
The Lost Girls (2021)
Jessica Chiarella
"The Lost Girls is an up-to-the-minute modern thriller with a true-crime feel and a gritty protagonist unafraid to spit in justice's eye."
Rovers (2021)
Richard Lange
"Reading Rovers was like going on a three-day bender: once I got started, I couldn't stop. Rovers is a bleak, gritty, violent, and mostly tender portrayal of life as an outsider that happens to be about vampires. The writing is equal to the story: achingly beautiful, by turns inspiring and devastating."
Chasing the Boogeyman (2021)
Richard Chizmar
"Perfect for fans of true crime, meticulously orchestrated, and clever beyond measure, Chasing the Boogeyman will leave you guessing long after you've read the last page."
The Art of Space Travel and Other Stories (2021)
Nina Allan
"Nina Allan is a writer of rare talent. The Art of Space Travel addresses life's biggest questions with such delicacy and tenderness that you won't fear staring into the abyss."
Damascus Station (2021)
David McCloskey
"For an authentic representation of what it’s like to work in intelligence, look no further than Damascus Station. McCloskey has captured it all: the breathtaking close calls, the hand in glove of tech and ops, the heartbreaking disappointments, the thrill of a hard-won victory."
The Savage Kind (2021)
(Nightingale Trilogy, book 1)
John Copenhaver
"Clever girls with dark leanings... powerful DC families hiding dangerous secrets... The Savage Kind is a new take on femme fatales in a dazzling 1940s noir wrapper. Copenhaver will have you guessing till the very last page."

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