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Igor Nikolic is a science fiction and urban fantasy author. Like many similar creatures of his kind, he can often be spotted sitting at his desk and frantically typing away at his keyboard, with a slightly disturbed expression on his face. Or on some occasions banging his head against his desk, in the hope that this questionable method would make his brain divulge the way out of the latest corner he wrote himself into.
His friends are often concerned when he starts talking about gravity drives, Lagrange points, and all the possible problems that may occur when building a ginormous space habitat in space, but they know he is a bit.... odd? So, they make allowance for his idiosyncrasies. They patiently listen to his sermons on interdimensional portals, the pitfalls of fully sentient Artificial Intelligence, and why the Fermi paradox can easily be explained by a simple reason that nobody really wants to talk to us. (Yeah, he has a quirky sense of humor, and loves Easter eggs. 
Who knows how many of them he had placed in his books?)In his spare time (and I don’t see how he finds any), he may be rereading some of his favorite books (for the tenth freaking time) or trying to sort out his extensive movie collection, which is taking far more terabytes than what could be considered reasonable. (For the love of God, someone please tell him about Netflix or Amazon Prime Video).Anyway, to really figure out how his mind works, you need to read his books. So, check them out.That’s it, my task is done. … dropping the electro-acoustic transducer (aka. mic drop).


Genres: Science Fiction
Space Legacy
   1. The Spaceship in the Stone (2021)
   1.5. Max's Logs Vol.1 (2022)
   2. Orbital Ascension (2022)
   2.5. Max's Logs Vol.2 (2022)
   3. Ancient Enemies (2023)
   3.5. Max's Logs Vol.3 (2023)

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