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Bob Blanton has been an avid reader ever since his mother first took him to a library at age five. He toyed with writing for years after finishing college, but was always too busy to complete a novel. While working for Hewlett Packard Co. and traveling on long business trips to Singapore, Europe, and India, Bob wrote books in his head. After he retired to the beach in Mexico, the only things that competed with writing were the sound of the ocean and sunsets over the water, so he was actually able to finish writing the books he started. Bob completed his first three books, the Stone Series, and he has been working on the Delphi in Space series for the past two years. Now that he has started to published his series, he hopes you enjoy reading them as much as he has enjoyed writing them. Check back for other books as he continues to ply his new trade.

Bob was born in Augsburg, Germany, the son of a U.S. soldier and a German national. His father moved the family back to the U.S. when Bob was six months old. As a child, his family moved almost every year until Bob was fourteen, but they managed to stay in Colorado Springs, CO, for three years before his father retired from the military. The family moved to Noble, OK, just south of Norman and the University of Oklahoma, where Bob attended college. He raced to the west coast as soon as he graduated, and lived in San Diego, CA, for over thirty years while working as an engineer and manager at HP. After retiring, Bob and his wife moved a few miles south to Mexico where they are enjoying their home on the ocean.

Genres: Science Fiction
New and upcoming books
October 2024

Crystal's Law
(Laim-Saga, book 5)
   1. Matthew And The Stone (2017)
   2. Stone Ranger (2018)
   3. Stone Undercover (2019)
   4. Stone Investigations (2021)
Delphi in Space
   1. Starship Sakira (2019)
   2. Delphi City (2019)
   3. Delphi Station (2019)
   4. Delphi Nation (2019)
   5. Delphi Alliance (2020)
   6. Delphi Federation (2020)
   7. Delphi Exploration (2020)
   8. Delphi Colony (2020)
   9. Delphi Challenge (2021)
   10. Delphi League (2021)
   11. Delphi Embassy (2021)
   12. Delphi Diversion (2021)
   13. Delphi Forge (2022)
   14. Delphi Envoy (2022)
   15. Delphi Diplomacy (2022)
   16. Delphi Castaways (2023)
   17. Delphi Mediation (2023)
   Encounters of the Third Kind (2023)
   1. Admiral's Choice (2022) (with Aybiline I Dahlson)
   2. Queen's Move (2022) (with Aybiline I Dahlson)
   3. Emperor's Folly (2022) (with Aybiline I Dahlson)
   4. Rebel's Quest (2023) (with Aybilien I Dahlson)
   5. Crystal's Law (2024) (with Aybiline I Dahlson)

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