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Jim Nisbet

Jim Nisbet has published thirteen novels, the most recent of which, Snitch World, was released by Green Arcade/PM Press in July, 2013. The Overlook Press published The Spider's Cage (aka Le Chien d'Ulysse (1992, Paris), or Ulysses' Dog), the most recent title in that publisher's ongoing reissue of Nisbet's entire backlist, along with Old & Cold, a new novel, in 2012.
These two novels plus The Damned Don't Die (aka The Gourmet), Lethal Injection, Death Puppet, Prelude to a Scream, The Price of the Ticket, The Syracuse Codex, Dark Companion, The Octopus on My Head, and Windwad Passage have been published in French by Editions Payot et Rivages. And these editions are accompanied by a miscellany of additional translations into German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Russian, and Romanian.

Genres: Mystery