Joe Nobody

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Joe Nobody (pen name for the author who wishes to keep his identity confidential) has provided systems, consulting and training for the U.S. Army, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Naval Research, United States Border Patrol as well as several private firms and government agencies which cannot be disclosed.
He is currently active in this area and for the security of his family and ongoing business, wishes to remain anonymous.

He has over 30 years of competitive shooting experience, including IPSC, NRA, and other related organizations. He has been a firearms instructor and consultant for over 30 years and holds the rights to a United States Patent for a firearms modification.

Joe initially became involved in helping private citizens "prepare" at the request of his students and clients. A conscientious instructor, he would always inquire as to why they wanted to learn certain skills or techniques and often the response was to prepare for more than just simple home invasion or self-defense. If you ask Joe what his greatest attribute is, he will tell you he is a "problem solver" and uses his formal education in Systems Engineering to this end.

Genres: Science Fiction

Holding Their Own
   1. Holding Their Own (2011)
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   12. Copperheads (2016)
   13. Renegade (2017)
   14. Forest Mist (2018)
   15. Bloodlust (2018)
   16. Before (2019)
   17. Vendetta (2020)
   18. Honor's Edge (2021)
Secession (with PA Troit)
   1. The Storm (2014)
   2. The Flood (2015)
   3. The Surge (2016)
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