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Walt Browning

USA flag (b.1958)

Walt Browning was born in 1958 in Northeast Ohio. An avid athlete in High School, he went on to play college Rugby and Golf, where he competed (and lost decisively) against future professionals John Cook and Paul Azinger. He is a doctor and continues to practice today in Central Florida, where he started his career almost 30 years ago.
A personal friend and successful author, Angery American, encouraged him to try his hand at writing. His first book, the highly rated "The Book of Frank: ISIS and the Archangel Platoon", is available here on Amazon and led to a collaboration with A.A. on more novels based on the Going Home series.
He has written for Kindle World, creating a story for the top rated series "Extinction Cycle," expanding his writing world with a killer zombie novel.
The future looks bright, with planned novels in the medical mystery/action genre along with further dystopian/science fiction novels. You can contact Walt on his website: www.waltbrowning.com.