Chris J Pike

Since the very beginning of my journey with the Aeon 14 novels,  Chris J Pike has been my earliest beta reader who sees the books before editors or anyone else.

Chris has been instrumental in shaping the world and characters of Aeon 14, and now has finally stepped in to write his own tale here in the 'verse.

We chatted for some time about which time period would be right for Chris, and we settled on the years after Destiny Lost and the Battle of Bollam's World.

Both of us really like the area of space around the Silstrand Alliance, and we wondered what would have happened to the nanotech that Tanis sold S&H Defensive Armaments, and how were things faring in the pirate-ridden, coreward edge of the Silstrand Alliance.

Well, now you're about to find out in this exciting new adventure that follows Kylie Rhoads and the crew of the Dauntless in this, part of the expanding scope of the Orion War.

Sincerely, M. D. Cooper

Genres: Science Fiction