Barbara Ovstedal

UK flag (1925 - 2012)

aka Rosalind Laker, Barbara Paul

Known primarily under the pseudonym Rosalind Laker, Barbara Ovstedal previously wrote under the pseudonym Barbara Paul, with a few as Barbara Douglas. When an American mystery and science fiction author Barbara Paul began to gain recognition, she changed and thereafter wrote as "Rosalind Laker".
   Valley of the Reindeer (1973)
   Red Cherry Summer (1973)
   Souvenir from Sweden (1974)
   Seventeenth Stair (1975) (as by Barbara Paul)
   The Frenchwoman (1977) (as by Barbara Paul)
   Devil's Fire, Love's Revenge (1977) (as by Barbara Paul)
   To Love a Stranger (1981) (as by Barbara Paul)
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