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Bryce O’Connor learned the importance of a well-crafted story at an early age. Raised on the tall tales of Brian Jacques’ Redwall and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, he fell in love with reading when he realized that one’s imagination is the only place where dragons might actually fly free. Graduating from Ithaca College with his Bachelors in Creative Writing and Doctorate of Physical Therapy, O’Connor currently resides in Rochester, NY. THE WINGS OF WAR is his debut series.

Genres: Fantasy
Lost Lore (2018) (with J P Ashman, Dyrk Ashton, David Benem, Celia Bryce, Ben Galley, T L Greylock, Jeffrey Hall, Laura M Hughes, Alec Hutson, Steven Kelliher, Michael R Miller, Benedict Patrick, Mike Shel, Phil Tucker and Timandra Whitecastle)