Lenore Glen Offord

USA flag (1905 - 1991)

Lenore Glen Offord (1905-1991) was a reviewer and author who wrote mysteries set in and around San Francisco, CA. Offord was the mystery book critic for the San Francisco Chronicle for over 30 years, as well as an avid Sherlock Holmes enthusiast.

Genres: Mystery
Murder on Russian Hill (1938)
     aka Murder Before Breakfast
Cloth of Silver (1939)
The 9 Dark Hours (1941)
Clues to Burn (1942)
My True Love Lies (1947)
     aka And Turned to Clay
The Marble Forest (1951)
     aka The Big Fear
Enchanted August (1956)
The Girl in the Belfry (1957) (with Joseph Henry Jackson)
Walking Shadow (1959)
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