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Daisy Pearce

Daisy Pearce
was born in Cornwall and grew up on a smallholding surrounded by hippies. She read Stephen King's Cujo and The Hamlyn Book of Horror far too young and has been fascinated with the macabre ever since.

She began writing short stories as a teenager and dropped out of a fashion journalism course at university when she realised it wasn't anywhere near as fun as making stuff up. After spells living in London and Brighton, Daisy had her short story 'The Black Prince' published in One Eye Grey magazine. Another short story, 'The Brook Witch', was performed on stage at the Small Story Cabaret in Lewes in 2016. She has also written articles about mental health online. In 2015, The Silence won a bursary with The Literary Consultancy, and later that year Daisy also won the Chindi Authors Competition with her short story 'Worm Food'. Her second novel was longlisted for the Mslexia Novel Award.

Daisy currently works in the library at the University of Sussex, where she shelves books and listens to podcasts on true crime and folklore. She lives in Lewes with a one-eyed Siamese cat and a nine-year-old daughter who occasionally needs reminding that ghosts and monsters aren't real.

Sometimes she almost believes it herself.

Genres: Mystery