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Ernest Poole

USA flag (1880 - 1950)

Poole worked as a journalist campaigning for social reforms including an end to child labor. On the outbreak of the First World War he worked as a war correspondent for The Saturday Evening Post. His novel, His Family, won the first Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1918.
   The Voice of the Street (1906)
   The Harbor (1915)
   His Family (1916)
   His Second Wife (1918)
   Blind (1920)
   Beggars' Gold (1921)
   Millions (1922)
   Danger (1923)
   The Avalanche (1924)
   The Hunter's Moon (1925)
   With Eastern Eyes (1926)
   Silent Storms (1927)
   The Car of Croesus (1930)
   The Destroyer (1931)
   Nurses On Horseback (1932)
   Great Winds (1933)
   One of Us (1934)
   The Worsted Church (1946)
   The Nancy Flyer (1949)
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