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Jackie Polzin is a writer currently residing in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband, two children and a small dog.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   Brood (2021)
Jackie Polzin recommends
Now I Am Here (2023)
Chidi Ebere
"Stunning and raw. I yearned, alongside this narrator, for the peace of undoing what has been done."
Delphi (2022)
Clare Pollard
"Clare Pollard's Delphi delivers an urgency unlike any I've experienced. I loved this book so much; the language, the humor, the style, which reminded me of both Patricia Lockwood and Sheila Heti. A brilliant novel born of searing eloquence and sinister wit."
Look at Us (2021)
T L Toma
"This book holds truths of all kinds--private, studied, euphoric, libidinal, and unbecoming--each one a revelation."

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