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Ida Pollock

(Ida Crowe Pollock)
UK flag (1908 - 2013)
Mother of Rosemary Pollock

aka Susan Barrie, Jane Beaufort, Marguerite Bell, Rose Burghley, Anita Charles, Averil Ives, Pamela Kent, Barbara Rowan, Mary Whistler

Ida was born near London in 1908. From the age of ten, she knew she wanted to write. She began writing fiction when she was in her very early teens, soon her stories were in major magazines and before she was twenty had several short novels in print.

Amongst the many interesting figures she met through her work was Major Hugh Pollock, who was then a book editor with the publisher George Newnes, they met when she visited the publisher's office. At that time he was married to the children's writer Enid Blyton. A later chance encounter with him, in the dark days at the beginning of World War II, was to change her life. Hugh was back in the army and Commandant of a school for Home Guard officers. Feeling Ida should be out of London, he offered her a post as civilian secretary. She accepted, and as the months went by their relationship intensified. In May 1942, he was sent overseas and Ida came close to being killed by a bombing raid. The following year, however, andsoon after his divorce, they were married in London's battered Guild hall register office. Soon they had a daughter, Rosemary Pollock, also a romance writer.

After the war, her husband experienced problems, mostly financial, and a determined Ida plunged back into her literary work, starting to write romances for Mills & Boon. With the production of ten or twelve titles in every year, it was not long before she was writing contemporany romances for five publishers under six pseudonyms and becoming hugely popular right across the world. In the later 60's, Ida became little disenchanted with contemporary romantic fiction and decided to write some historical romances. The success of five of her Regency novels prompted Mills & Boon to set up their Masquerade series and she became one of their four founding writers. Ida once explained her multiple identities in terms of being in print with several major international publishers at the same time. At that time, the pseudonyms were registered by the publishers and not by the writers. Ida has more than a hundred widely published novels as her married name and under her numerous pseudonyms.

During her marriage with Hugh, Ida travelled widely and lived in many parts of England. After her husband's death in Malta in 1971, she also lived abroad for several years, travelling between Switzerland (which she loved), Italy, France, Ireland and Malta.

Pollock carried on working after her centenary by dictating her stories to her daughter Rosemary at their home near Looe, Cornwall.

Genres: Romance
Mistress of Brown Furrows (1952) (as by Susan Barrie)
Gates of Dawn (1954) (as by Susan Barrie)
Marry a Stranger (1954) (as by Susan Barrie)
Carpet of Dreams (1955) (as by Susan Barrie)
Hotel Stardust (1955) (as by Susan Barrie)
     aka Hotel At Treloan
Moon Over Africa (1955) (as by Pamela Kent)
The Black Benedicts (1956) (as by Anita Charles)
Dear Tiberius (1956) (as by Susan Barrie)
Desert Doorway (1956) (as by Pamela Kent)
Haven of the Heart (1956) (as by Averil Ives)
The House of the Laird (1956) (as by Susan Barrie)
The Secret Heart (1956) (as by Averil Ives)
Silver Fire (1956) (as by Barbara Rowan)
     aka In Care of the Doctor
So Dear to My Heart (1956) (as by Susan Barrie)
Air Ticket (1957) (as by Susan Barrie)
City of Palms (1957) (as by Pamela Kent)
Desire for the Star (1957) (as by Averil Ives)
     aka Doctor's Desire
Flower for a Bride (1957) (as by Barbara Rowan)
Four Roads to Windrush (1957) (as by Susan Barrie)
Love Is for Ever (1957) (as by Barbara Rowan)
My Heart At Your Feet (1957) (as by Anita Charles)
A Nightingale in the Sycamore (1957) (as by Jane Beaufort)
One Coin in the Fountain (1957) (as by Anita Charles)
Sweet Barbary (1957) (as by Pamela Kent)
The Uncertain Glory (1957) (as by Averil Ives)
     aka Nurse Linnet's Release
And Be Thy Love (1958) (as by Rose Burghley)
Heart Specialist (1958) (as by Susan Barrie)
Interlude for Love (1958) (as by Anita Charles)
Island in the Dawn (1958) (as by Averil Ives)
Love in Sunlight (1958) (as by Averil Ives)
     aka Nurse for the Doctor
Meet Me in Istanbul (1958) (as by Pamela Kent)
The Moon and Bride's Hill (1958) (as by Anita Charles)
Mountain of Dreams (1958) (as by Barbara Rowan)
The Stars of San Cecilio (1958) (as by Susan Barrie)
Dangerous Lover (1959) (as by Jane Beaufort)
     aka Dangerous Love
Enchanted Autum (1959) (as by Mary Whistler)
Flight to the Stars (1959) (as by Pamela Kent)
The Keys of the Castle (1959) (as by Barbara Rowan)
Love in the Afternoon (1959) (as by Rose Burghley)
Master of Hearts (1959) (as by Averil Ives)
The Sweet Surrender (1959) (as by Rose Burghley)
Bride By Arrangement (1960) (as by Rose Burghley)
Escape to Happiness (1960) (as by Mary Whistler)
Love in High Place (1960) (as by Jane Beaufort)
The Wings of the Morning (1960) (as by Susan Barrie)
Bride in Waiting (1961) (as by Susan Barrie)
The Chateau of Fire (1961) (as by Pamela Kent)
Dawn On the High Mountain (1961) (as by Pamela Kent)
A Moment in Paris (1961) (as by Rose Burghley)
Moon At the Full (1961) (as by Susan Barrie)
Nurse Nolan (1961) (as by Susan Barrie)
Sunshine Yellow (1961) (as by Mary Whistler)
Autumn Wedding (1962) (as by Anita Charles)
Highland Mist (1962) (as by Rose Burghley)
Journey in the Dark (1962) (as by Pamela Kent)
Pathway of Roses (1962) (as by Mary Whistler)
Royal Purple (1962) (as by Susan Barrie)
Bladon's Rock (1963) (as by Pamela Kent)
     aka Doctor Gaston
A Case of Heart Trouble (1963) (as by Susan Barrie)
The Dawning Splendour (1963) (as by Pamela Kent)
The King of the Castle (1963) (as by Anita Charles)
A Quest for Lovers (1963) (as by Jane Beaufort)
White Rose of Love (1963) (as by Anita Charles)
Enemy Lover (1964) (as by Pamela Kent)
The Garden of Don Jose (1964) (as by Rose Burghley)
The Gentle Masquerade (1964)
Interlude in Snow (1964) (as by Jane Beaufort)
Mountain Magic (1964) (as by Susan Barrie)
Castle Thunderbird (1965) (as by Susan Barrie)
The Gardenia Tree (1965) (as by Pamela Kent)
Gideon Faber's Chance (1965) (as by Pamela Kent)
     aka Gideon Faber's Choice
Man of Destiny (1965) (as by Rose Burghley)
No Just Cause (1965) (as by Susan Barrie)
The Uneasy Alliance (1965)
The Afterglow (1966) (as by Rose Burghley)
     aka Alpine Doctor
Bride of Alaine (1966) (as by Rose Burghley)
Cuckoo in the Night (1966) (as by Pamela Kent)
Master of Melincourt (1966) (as by Susan Barrie)
A Quality of Magic (1966) (as by Rose Burghley)
The Quiet Heart (1966) (as by Susan Barrie)
Rose in the Bud (1966) (as by Susan Barrie)
White Heat (1966) (as by Pamela Kent)
Accidental Bride (1967) (as by Susan Barrie)
Beloved Enemies (1967) (as by Pamela Kent)
Folly of the Heart (1967) (as by Rose Burghley)
Lady in Danger (1967)
The Man Who Came Back (1967) (as by Pamela Kent)
Victoria and the Nightingale (1967) (as by Susan Barrie)
Young Nightingales (1967) (as by Mary Whistler)
The Bay of Moonlight (1968) (as by Rose Burghley)
Desert Gold (1968) (as by Pamela Kent)
Man from the Sea (1968) (as by Pamela Kent)
The Marriage Wheel (1968) (as by Susan Barrie)
Wild Sonata (1968) (as by Susan Barrie)
Return to Tremarth (1969) (as by Susan Barrie)
Return to Tremarth (1969) (as by Rose Burghley)
Summer Conspiracy (1969)
Country Air (1970)
Night of the Singing Birds (1970) (as by Susan Barrie)
Nile Dusk (1972) (as by Pamela Kent)
Star Creek (1975) (as by Pamela Kent)
Night of Stars (1975) (as by Pamela Kent)
A Rose for Danger (1977) (as by Marguerite Bell)
The Devil's Daughter (1978) (as by Marguerite Bell)
House of Sand (1986) (as by Barbara Rowan)
Bride by Auction (1989) (as by Marguerite Bell)
Igor and Mom (1990) (as by Barbara Rowan)
Denial of Rights (1991) (as by Barbara Rowan)
Sea Change (2002) (as by Marguerite Bell)
A Distant Drum (2005) (as by Marguerite Bell)
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