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Sergio de la Pava

USA flag (b.1970)

Sergio De La Pava is an American novelist and lawyer. He is best known for his novel A Naked Singularity.

Genres: Literary Fiction
New and upcoming books
   Personae (2011)
   A Naked Singularity (2012)
   Lost Empress (2018)
   Every Arc Bends Its Radian (2024)
Sergio de la Pava recommends
Say Hello to My Little Friend (2024)
Jennine Capó Crucet
"Say Hello to My Little Friend is superb. It's a rare thing to see a novelist so fully in control of such disparate elements. The voice is astonishing: wry, knowing, erudite, even metafictional when necessary, and the plot it relates is irresistible. This is high level world-building. So much so that it feels both wildly inventive but also like the kind of novel only an artist directly descending from immigrants to this country could birth, one that respectfully and skillfully transmutes the literary and historical past but always through the prism of our all-powerful American pop culture. The result is that truly rare object, a novel that helps us better sense that secret hum of art and love undergirding human existence."
Our Share of Night (2022)
Mariana Enríquez
"Mariana Enriquez is a masterful world builder. And the one she creates here devastates. This engrossing mixture of supernatural horror and intimate storytelling will leave an indelible but instructive mark on readers."
Brother Alive (2022)
Zain Khalid
"Brother Alive is a remarkable work. Zain Khalid creates an immersive world rich in compelling detail. But even more impressively, Khalid achieves a kind of resistance text against our endemic inhumanity. The thrill lies in witnessing such a cogent and powerful intellect tune in to the music of life. An inspiring reminder of the great capacity of novels."
The Anthill (2020)
Julianne Pachico
"An expertly constructed literary Russian doll. Every layer of revelation deepens a kind of existential dread over the horror people are capable of and the intentional human blindness necessary to sustain it all. Pachico's achievement is the way this intimately personal story expands into the universal and timeless to puncture first world pretense. A vibrantly intelligent work."

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