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Robert B Parker

(Robert Brown Parker)
USA flag (1932 - 2010)

Robert B. Parker began writing in 1971 while teaching at Boston's Northeastern University. Now he is acknowledged as the dean of American crime fiction and was named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America (2002). His novels featuring the wise-cracking, street-smart Boston private-eye Spenser have earned him a devoted following and reams of critical acclaim. The Spenser character inspired the television series Spenser: For Hire and a number of made-for-television films. 



1. Double Play (2004)
Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch
1. Appaloosa (2005)
2. Resolution (2008)
3. Brimstone (2009)
4. Blue-Eyed Devil (2010)
The Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch Novels 1-4 (omnibus) (2012)
continued in the series by Robert Knott
Robert B Parker recommends

The Wycherly Woman (1961)
(Lew Archer, book 9)
Ross MacDonald
"It was not just that Ross MacDonald taught us how to write; he did something much more, he taught us how to read, and how to think about life, and maybe in some small but mattering way, how to live."

Pale Grey for Guilt (1968)
(Travis McGee, book 9)
John D MacDonald
" of the great sagas in American fiction."
Wolf Trap
Wolf Trap (1983)
Frederick Nolan
"Compelling and authentic - a genuine spellbinder by a wonderful writer."

Frequent Flyer (1989)
(Kinky Friedman, book 4)
Kinky Friedman
"Kinky is smart, funny and tough."

Rules of Prey (1989)
(Lucas Davenport, book 1)
John Sandford
"A cop and a killer you will remember for a long, long time. "
Fear Will Do It
Fear Will Do It (1992)
(Cooper MacLeish, book 2)
Sam Reaves
"Sam Reaves is too good. He makes me nervous."

Bait (1994)
Kenneth Abel

Bloodline (1995)
(Jack McMorrow, book 2)
Gerry Boyle
"Tense... Convincing and gracefully told. Gerry Boyle is the genuine article."
Dead Man's Dance
Dead Man's Dance (1995)
Robert Ferrigno

The Low End of Nowhere (1996)
(Streeter, book 1)
Michael Stone
"Tough, authentic, and right on the money."

A Flash of Red (1996)
(Tyler Vance, book 1)
Clay Harvey
"Taut, knowing, and headlong. Welcome aboard."

The Guardian (1996)
Bill Eidson
"The Guardian is first-rate stuff; lean prose, compelling story, and verve in the telling. Don't miss it."

The Lost Coast (1997)
(Moses Wine, book 7)
Roger L Simon
"Roger L. Simon is absolutely first rate."

Hunting a Detroit Tiger (1997)
(Mickey Rawlings, book 4)
Troy Soos
"Equal parts baseball and mystery are the perfect proportion."
Kat Scratch Fever
Kat Scratch Fever (1997)
(Kat Colorado, book 8)
Karen Kijewski
"Compeling and graceful... Very hard to put down."

Blind Spot (1998)
Barbara A Shapiro
"Wonderfully crafted, beautifully written and solid as a rock."

Crossroad Blues (1998)
(Nick Travers Mystery)
Ace Atkins
"Crossroad Blues sings."

Throwing 7'S (1999)
(Bobby Emmet)
Denis Hamill
"No one does tough New York better than Dennis Hamill."
Projection (1999)
(Frank Clevenger, book 2)
Keith Ablow
"First-Rate fiction!"

Void Moon (1999)
Michael Connelly
"In Void Moon, as in all of Michael Connelly's books, you care about the people, you care what happens to them, and you can't stop reading until you find out. Connelly is so good he's beginning to annoy me."

Black Mountain (2000)
Les Standiford
"Compelling... beautifully told... simply wonderful."
The Last Man
The Last Man (2001)
Charles Kenney
"Kenney is the real deal."

A Murder of Honor (2001)
(Kearney and Phelps, book 1)
Robert Andrews
Springer's Gambit
Springer's Gambit (2001)
(Cole Springer Mystery, book 1)
W L Ripley
"Springer's Gambit is both fluent and riveting. Cole Springer is a comer... and so is W.L. Ripley."

Closing Time (2001)
(Terry Orr, book 1)
Jim Fusilli

Paranoia (2004)
Joseph Finder
"An engrossing novel: crisp, hard, funny, and smart."
Drop Dead, My Lovely
Drop Dead, My Lovely (2004)
(Pete Ingalls, book 1)
Ellis Weiner
"Drop Dead, My Lovely is smart, ironic, and Candleresque. Three out of three is very good."

Boyos (2004)
Richard Marinick
"This guy understands it all and BOYOS gets it right."
The Grief Shop
The Grief Shop (2006)
(Tally Whyte, book 3)
Vicki Stiefel
"Compelling, touching, and a pleasure to read."
The First Wave
The First Wave (2007)
(Billy Boyle World War II Mystery, book 2)
James R Benn
"A solid follow up to Benn's first novel. . . . [I] look forward to his next."
The Vicious Circle
The Vicious Circle (2007)
Otto Penzler
"Otto Penzler knows more about crime fiction than most people know about anything."
Fidelity (2008)
Thomas Perry
"Thomas Perry is, quite simply, brilliant."
Nibble & Kuhn
Nibble & Kuhn (2009)
David Schmahmann
"David Schmahmann tells a wonderful story, and he tells it brilliantly. I expect great success for Nibble & Kuhn, and won't even be jealous if it arrives. Great book!"

Front Page Teaser (2010)
(Liz Higgin's Mystery)
Rosemary Herbert
"Like a shot of good whiskey..."

To the Manor Dead (2010)
(Janet's Planet Mystery, book 1)
Sebastian Stuart
"Sebastian Stuart is a knowing, witty, and tough writer."

Fatal Deeds (2011)
(Gus Churchill Mystery, book 1)
Andrew McAleer
"Intelligent and compelling."

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