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Kathryn Kramer

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aka Katherine Vickery

Kathryn Kramer (real name Kathy Lynn Kramer) also writes as Kathryn Hockett and Katherine Vickery.

Kathryn is from the Rocky Mountain area of the United States--Boulder, Colorado--a city with the spectacular Flatirons Mountains as a backdrop. Boulder is often said to be "25 square miles surrounded by reality." Once a camp ground for Chief Niwot and his Arapahoe indians, it is an area rich in history and legend and the inspiration for many stories. Together with her mother, Marcia Hockett, who aids her daughter in research and editing,Kathy has written a total of 40 romance novels that mirror a love of English, Viking, and Western history.

Prior to writing, Kathy sang with a jazz band and devoted her time to music via theater, teaching and singing professionally. She attended the University of Colorado College of Music on a music scholarship. She added modeling to her itinerary when she modeled as the heroine for the cover of her novel, LADY ROGUE.

Genres: Historical Romance
   Love's Blazing Ecstasy (1985)
   Flame of Desire (1986) (as by Katherine Vickery)
   Desire's Masquerade (1987)
   Flame from the Sea (1987)
   Tame and Wild Wind (1988) (as by Katherine Vickery)
   Under Gypsy Skies (1988)
   Destiny and Desire (1988)
   Flame Across the Highlands (1990) (as by Katherine Vickery)
   Desire of the Heart (1990) (as by Katherine Vickery)
   Lady Rogue (1991)
   Midsummer Night's Desire (1992)
   Pirate Bride (1994)
   Lady Outlaw (1997)
   Wild Western Fire (2013) (with Marcia Hockett)
   River of Passion (2013) (with Marcia Hockett)
   Highland Ghost (2015)
   Ashes and Awakenings (2020)